Cool New Mag Holster

Alien Gear has a new magazine holster available and I have to say that it looks like a great option, if it works as advertised.

The new Cloak Mag Carrier offers the ability to carry inside the waistband.

Or, with the same carrier, you can carry it outside the waistband.


It can carry the magazine vertically, at a cant or horizontally.

For those of us with a little more girth around the middle (read that overweight) that last option is pretty intriguing.

$35 for a magazine carrier initially seemed a bit expensive but after seeing all the different options and pieces including in the core package it’s not that bad. Plus Alien Gear has a pretty decent return policy and warranty.

It will probably be after Christmas before I can spend the cash but I think I will pick one up…for testing.

God bless


3 thoughts on “Cool New Mag Holster

  1. I am definitely interested in this, especially the horizontal carry option. I have a nylon mag carrier that is upright only that I got at Bass Pro for about $15. While it does it’s job, it is not very comfortable to carry, even OWB. The biggest complaint is that the clip is a bugger to get off. It goes on easily, but getting it off is murder.

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