I wanted to check out the new USA series, Shooter,  based on the Bob Lee Swagger books by Stephen Hunter. I made it about five minutes in and turned it off.

In the initial scene Bob Lee Swagger “explains” to a couple of “hunters” that .223 is incapable of killing anything larger than a squirrel…


7 thoughts on “Really!?

  1. It seems that the TV/Movie industries want guns in their shows, but really don’t know much about them and don’t really care to do much research. That’s too bad.

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  2. Sometimes you have to remind yourself, “turn off brain, enjoy the show”.

    I can’t remember his exact quote concerning the 223. However, there care many states that do not allow you to hunt with a 223 because they feel it does not have enough knock down power for a clean kill.

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    1. I have to remind myself of that a lot…my wife reminds me when I forget. 🙂

      The guys he was talking to in that scene were hunting wolves with traps and bolt guns, apparently in .223 and he said “.223 Remington…55 grain…this bullet isn’t powerful enough to bring down anything bigger than a squirrel.”



      1. My wife does a good job of reminding me too.
        If you can “turn off the brain” the series has been entertaining.
        I think it is good to watch and see how the Hollyweird powers see us and portray us in their productions.
        I would encourage you to watch the video and try to filter out the crap. It is educational to see how they paint their anti gun, anti patriot picture.

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