November 2016 Gun Sales…Wow!

On top of the record Black Friday gun sales the whole month of November shattered records. There were 2.6 million NICs check performed in the month of November, shattering last year’s record number by over 300,000!

I have no explanation for this. Most pundits and the initial reports from the industry was that gun sales were down in the post election weeks. Maybe retailers offered deep discounts to get rid of stock on hand for the expected post-Clinton victory run. I don’t know…

This puts sales for the year at 24.8 million…

To put this into perspective, 2015 was the previous record year for firearm sales with 23.1 million. With the month of December still left to go that record has been shattered by 1.6 million!


Now the obligatory disclaimer: NICS checks do not directly correlate with firearms purchases. There is one check per purchase not one per firearm so many checks cover the purchase of more than one firearm. Not all NICS result in an OK to purchase. Many states do not require NICS checks for those with valid carry permits. The number of NICS checks is generally several percentage points lower than the number of firearms actually purchased.

God bless

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