Never Surrender, Never Forget: Pearl Harbor

Seventy five years ago today, in two waves of attacks starting at 7:55 AM the Japanese Imperial Navy attacked the US Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor. In the 110 minutes that it took for the two waves of attacks over 20 US ships were damaged or destroyed, over 300 aircraft were destroyed, 1,178 Americans were wounded and 2,403 were killed.

pearl-harbor_0We can never let ourselves forget this day. We can never let ourselves fall into the trap of complacency and and hubris that allowed such an attack to happen and to be so devastating. Evil exists in this world and we should never allow ourselves to forget that.

We can never surrender because as long as evil remains a part of this world we must stand fast and oppose it. For good to win over evil we must remain vigilant and committed. If we do not, then we condemn more human lives to be lost.

Lord have mercy on the souls of those lost that day, their families and the thousands more who stood up to fight and defeat the evil that perpetrated this attack.

God Bless.

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