Preparedness When Travelling

Ken, over at The Modern Survival blog, posted a neat article back in August posing the question ‘What Preparedness Items To Take With You On Vacation?

As he mentions in the post, what you bring depends on a lot of variables such as:

-Where you are travelling

-How long you you will be gone

-Method of travel

For example, when I go to Louisiana for business I am (generally) driving so I can pack a little heavier and carry more food, water and gear. Louisiana also has a reciprocity agreement with Texas so I can carry concealed there. Because I travel through some rough areas in both states I may choose to carry a larger capacity pistol and extra magazines.

For my yearly trek to the mother ship in New York on the other hand I am flying so I have some pretty significant restrictions on what I can carry. There is no reciprocity so no firearm. Even pocket knives are frowned upon in the big apple so…

With a lot of folks travelling for the holidays it would be a good idea to take a peek at some of the ideas and suggestions Ken has on the subject. Feel free to share your thoughts on preparedness while travelling.

God Bless


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