Who Watches The Watchers: ATF Edition

who_watches_the_watchmen__by_jarvisrama99-d7a5yw6Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?



Who will guard the guardians?


Who can watch the watchmen?

When the arm of the government responsible for enforcing the laws of the US blatantly disregard those same laws what does that say about the state of our union?

Federal law forbids the creation of a national gun registry, forbids the collection of personal information about US citizens but that didn’t matter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). According to a report released by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) the ATF chose to do it anyway.

So, what will happen to those responsible for knowingly breaking they law they are entrusted to enforce?

Probably nothing…

There will be hand wringing, finger pointing, promises to discipline those involved, some reassignment of roles and responsibilities and then business will return to normal.

Centuries ago Greek writers like Juvenal and Plato contemplated the same challenges we face today and debated possible solutions for decades. Our founding also fathers foresaw the same threat. Their solution was to severely limit the powers of the federal government, and to provide a system of checks and balances between the federal branches as well as between the state and the federal governments. Unfortunately, we have been removing those limits and checks and balances for decades and this is what we end up with…

It isn’t just the ATF, it is the IRS, the EPA, the Veterans Administration, etc. all conduct themselves as if they were above the laws of the land. They seem to hold those very laws and duties they are sworn to uphold as inconveniences to be worked around. They seem to hold the laws of this land and the people of this nation in contempt.

While I have doubts he will actually do it, I couldn’t agree more with the Trump slogan that it is truly (past) time to drain the swamp and hold Washington bureaucrats and politicians accountable.

Sorry for the rant…

God Bless



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