A New Revolver From Colt!

New Years Day (actually, New Year’s Eve in the central time zone) brought some exciting news for those of us who love revolvers. Colt is getting back into the revolver game. Barring another bankruptcy, they will be releasing a new Colt Cobra in 2017.

2017 Colt Cobra
2017 Colt Cobra

Several sources released info on the new Colt at about the same time, as soon as the non-disclosure agreement allowed them to do so I am sure.

Unlike the original alloy–framed Cobra, the new Cobra is in solid stainless steel. It still remains a six shot snubbie and should be a pretty compelling alternative to the new Kimber K6. The $699 MSRP would make it around $200 cheaper than Kimber’s first foray into the revolver market although the Kimber does offer removable and adjustable sighs front and rear which the Colt does not. Nevertheless the Colt would be a good bit higher on my wish list than the K6.

Mark Keefe from American Rifleman posted a pretty nice overview of the new revolver here and there are several overviews on other sites and YouTube as well including this one:

I can’t wait to get hold of one and give it a workout myself but that will probably be a while…

God bless!


7 thoughts on “A New Revolver From Colt!

    1. There is already speculation of a .357 model and of larger frame models so there is a possibility that the Python will be back…however…
      The original “snake” revolvers were hand built by the most senior and capable folks at Colt. Those folks are no longer there and, to a great extent, those skills are lost….nevertheless…should they reintroduce a model based on the Python I will have to find a way to make the money to afford it. 🙂


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