Airport (In)Security

I guess it says something about my level of either naivety or stupidity that I continue to be amazed by the farce that is propagated on the people of this nation called airport security.

My domestic flight, for whatever reason, was set to leave from a gate in the international terminal of a major airport. Leaving mid-afternoon on a Sunday I was shocked to find that only one TSA full body scanner was in use resulting in a huge crowd waiting to funnel out of the “unsecured” area to get into the “safe” zone beyond the scanners. After waiting patiently in the mass of people (prime targets) it was almost my turn to be scanned (mocked by TSA scanner operators) when the whole process was interrupted. Five middle eastern males of service (suicide bomber) age accompanying a very large female (possibly) in full burka with only her(?) eyes revealed stooped the whole process. None came through the “pre-check” line.

Each of them presented passports and boarding passes. Each was passed through. The woman(?) never showed her face but was waved through. No check to see that the face matched the presented identification, no fingerprint, nothing to ensure a positive identification. By comparison, two independent screeners had to verify that my face matched my ID…

At this point, the woman(?) who was almost six feet tall and appearing to weigh around 300 pounds based on the girth of her robes were passed through with no scans of any sort. Not only were they allowed through without full body scans the didn’t even pass through the metal detectors (she was too wide to have fit).
No positive ID and no scans but all very politically correct. She(?) could have been hiding enough explosives under her(?) robes to take out a huge section of that terminal.

No one in line said a word but every single person that wasn’t totally focused on some sort of electronic device (in other words, only a few dozen of the few hundred potential victims) looked around in alarm and surprise…

I know that airport security, TSA, and most of homeland security is little more than theater to make the clueless folks with their noses buried in their electronics “feel safer” but it’s rare that the realities behind the curtain are made so obvious. There is NO way to ensure everyone’s safety from armed assault all the time. Don’t believe me? Check the violent assault and murder statistics for prisons. The government will never admit this. Those who want more government (for our own good and protection) will never admit this because it would undermine their reason for existence and agenda for more and more of the same. The simple hard truth is that living is a dangerous and, ultimately, fatal endeavor.

I believe that it is my responsibility to ensure my own safety and protection as well as the safety and protection of my loved ones. Ultimately, I know that is futile as well but it is my responsibility and I take it very seriously. Much more seriously than the folks in blue shirts with embroidered logos at the airport do.
Want some good news? The best news ever? It really doesn’t matter.

By simply accepting the gift of Grace, by accepting the gift of Jesus’ death in our place on the cross, paying the ultimate price for our sins we can live eternally and without fear.

…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.
Romans 3:23-24

What do you say? Are you ready to accept the gift of eternal life?

God bless.


8 thoughts on “Airport (In)Security

  1. I was turned down for the TSA job of Director of Security (Badge #1), because they felt that I would make the job, a real job. They selected a primrose mouth (and seven others after that one failed), who writes memos but has zero experience in police work, or any other law enforcement. Since then, I laugh, every time something happens at airports. Hardcore retired cops, need not apply.

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      1. What I was told, was absolutely pathetic and unacceptable but, they are running their show. I tried to listen and be neutral but, the entire operation is a sham from top to bottom.
        After the flood of 2012, in February of 2013, there were TSA agents going door-to-door here, and they were helpful. I eased one into casual conversation, and her supervisor immediately had the daggers out. I explained that I went for the interview and why speaking with rank-and-file of TSA was important. The supervisor said they had a program to follow, which I said, “undoubtedly”, and she hustled off the employee agent away from me. About 30 feet away, both turned and looked at me. I smiled broadly and waved, as they hurried off.
        TSA, has issues. Their management is running the place like some farce. Do they try their best? I believe so, however they need some basics that are being denied them for the sake of “appearances”, rather than safety.
        I would have loved to have had that job (#1), and a free hand to form them, as the potter’s hands forms clay.

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    1. We are all sinners and redemption is available to each of us. No matter how broken, He can and will redeem. all that is required is accepting the gift and turning away (as best any of us are able) from sin.
      Wonderful Wife is my greatest blessing and gift. I also cherish every morning I can be in the woods for the “world to wake up.”

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  2. I accepted God’s grace through Jesus Christ years ago and try to live as He would want me. I understand that it is a win/win situation. I have blessings here and now…….and I have blessings in Heaven after I die. I still try to be prepared for almost all situations that I encounter during each and every day. I carry nearly 24/7, only disarming at bed time. I try not to put myself in large group situations as those are the usual targets of Jihadists and other terrorists. I tend to have my head on a swivel when walking while out and about. Situational awareness is very important.

    However, knowing Jesus and having his saving grace is more important that all of that.


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