What Did You Prep This Week (Month)?

For those who believe, the most important preparation of all is our relationship with God. Mine has suffered significantly over the last few months. I have not made the time for prayer or for studying God’s word. It seems a lost suitcase turned out to be a real blessing (link). While not perfect, I have done much better spending time everyday in prayer and studying God’s word everyday. Regardless of how my other preps go this is what is most important and what I am most excited about.

Most of my preps over the last month or so have revolved around guns and hunting stuff. I bought two more .50 Caliber ammo cans for long term ammo storage. I filled, labeled and put them in my storage area.

As I thought she might, Wonderful Wife “surprised” me with a new rifle for Christmas; a Mossberg 464 SPX.

(Not my) Mossberg 464 SPX
(Not my) Mossberg 464 SPX

This is one funky gun and I am not sure if I love it or hate it but it is a cool addition to my collection.

I also made some time to reload 100 rounds of 9mm practice ammunition and some test rounds in 7.62×39 and .30-30. I also cleaned and de-primed a couple hundred, mostly 9mm, cases I picked up on one of my trips to the range. With all that reloading I went ahead and restocked primers, picking up 100 large rifle primers and 300 small pistol primers.

I bought 60 rounds of .30-30, 180 rounds of 7.62×39 hunting ammo, 100 rounds of 5.56, 10 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot and 20 rounds of self-defense 9mm ammunition.

Some of the ammo I have bought over the last month
Some of the ammo I have bought over the last month

I made a couple of trips to the range. The first was to try out the new .30-30 and check the zero on my hunting rifles. Unfortunately, that didn’t go all that well and I went back to sharpen my skills and get myself back on track. I’ll need at least one more before we head out on out hunting trip in February.

Based on the troubles I had at the range I decided to spend a little money on gear. I purchased a new trigger for my hunting AR and installed it. The trigger is much lighter and smoother and has helped with my accuracy. I also ordered the Happy Trigger from Wild West Guns. I hope to get it out to the range and test it out and make sure the scope is zeroed as soon as possible. Gear doesn’t replace training and although both of these improvements will help my accuracy nothing replaces good old fashioned hard work and practice.

Like I said, lot’s of gun stuff.

One of the things that went missing from my EDC bag at some point was a charging cable for my phone. I bought a new one to replace the one that “walked off.” A few months ago I purchased a Streamlight ProTac 2 AAA for my EDC bag. I have been so impressed with it that I decided to buy another one for my backpack that I carry for work. I carry it regularly for work and wanted an equally good light for it as I have in my EDC bag.

In preparing for my trip to the Lexington I bought a new sleeping bag. My current bag is a mummy bag that is not particularly comfortable although it is very compact and light which was the reason I chose it at the time. This one is bigger and more cumbersome to carry but is significantly more comfortable and slightly warmer. A good option to have on hand if needed.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless


9 thoughts on “What Did You Prep This Week (Month)?

  1. Sounds like you’re back on track with your devotions. Keep up the great work. That is more important than the rest of prepping!
    I saw one of those 30-30 in a store and thought it was ugly. But a guy I know shot one and said it was a good shooter!!!
    Have a good week.

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    1. I need to write up a full review but I have to say I have mixed feelings about it. There are things I love and things I hate. Once our hunting trip preparations are done, I will be able to spend more time with it.
      God Bless


  2. Let’s see. Normally read five chapters of the Bible a day (currently in Isaiah), but haven’t yet today, Finished and mailed my Fed and State tax returns Tuesday. (And I get refunds from both!) Did some initial research on making some .455 Webley automatic rounds for a colleague. Obtained preliminary information about ‘soft claws’ for my idiot cat, and ran the car through the car wash.

    Haven’t done much reloading lately as most of the testing ammo is done and waiting for good weather to shoot.

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    1. Thanks for stopping in and commenting OldManMontgomery.
      I am only reading two chapters a day. I have read more in the past but I am trying to take my time this pass through to study and and internalize it a little better than I have previously.
      Is .455 Webley automatic different than standard .455 Webley?
      God bless


      1. You are welcome.
        I’m retired and therefore am not as rushed at breakfast; when I do my daily reading. By the way, I do not read through Psalms and Proverbs like the other books due to their special nature. I’ll read five chapters of one of the essentially historical or theological/doctrinal books and then one chapter of Psalms or Proverbs. It makes it easier to read.

        When I’m done with the Bible, I start over. Once I figured out – to the best I could – the chronological sequence (like Nehemiah and Ezra AFTER Kings and Chronicles and Isaiah and some minor prophets during Kings and Chronicles). It makes it more linear and less arbitrary; which tends to sort things out in my mind.

        Yes. .455 Webley Automatic is a different cartridge than .455 Webley (revolver). Actually, it’s quite similar in terms of bullet weight and velocity (225 grain FMJ at 700fps), but the case is closer, but not the same as the U. S. .45 Awfulmatic. The Webley auto round is slightly longer and semi-rimmed.

        I think – from some other writings of the era – .45 ACP cases will work IF one loads the rounds ‘light’. If that doesn’t work, my next attempt will be shorting and turning rims and extractor grooves in .45 Colt cases. Sheesh.

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      2. I like that reading plan. Once I am finished with this round I may pick that up for next time. I need to be careful (or maybe not) when reading Psalms as I tend to read them aloud…whether I intend to or not. It just seems right. I believe in OT times and even in the early Christian church they were sung or chanted in worship services.
        Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. I reload .45 ACP and .45 Autorim for my grandfather’s Webley MarkII that was converted to .45 ACP. I did a lot of research and double checking of data before doing so in order to make sure the loads were safe to use.
        God Bless.


  3. Our preps have been a little different lately as I prepare to take some extended time off from the working world. Looking at everything we own – is it necessary, is it in good working order, will it need replacing anytime soon? Planning our gardens, expanding our food storage, reducing our waste – analyzing everything.
    Thanks for a great read.

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