Bacon Shortages And Fake News

Several news sites of were running the modern day equivalent of banner headlines about an impending bacon shortage and I am sure some individuals have begun hoarding bacon as a result. Just as they have certain calibers of ammunition (please don’t check my freezer of ammo cabinet).

Today, the ever truthful and trustworthy New York times has exposed this bacon shortage as “fake news” so we can all rest easy. They were also able to paint any news agency that ran with this story as a distributor of “fake news” and paint themselves as somehow more trustworthy than other news sites…

OK, here are the facts:

The USDA (US Department of Agriculture) released a report on port production and it was clearly stated that the nation’s frozen pork belly reserves were down by almost half. There are currently just under 18 million pounds in inventory down from last year’s 30 million. In fact the reserves are the lowest they have been in 50 years. This despite historic levels or pork production.

So, are we going to run our of bacon any time soon?


However, no matter how you spin it, pork consumption is exceeding supply. Which is why we are seeing a reduction in the reserves despite record production.

This is the news. Pure and simple fact.

All the news organizations, including the New York Times are reporting this in whatever sensational way they can to grab attention and influence their readers. All major news outlets and most of the smaller ones too are out for two things; line their pockets with cash from advertisers and further their agendas (not necessarily in that order).

So here is my question, if we can trust the news agencies for something as simple as this how in the world can we trust them to report important and complex issues like immigration, terrorism, the national debt?

Just something to think about over the weekend.

God bless


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