What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God

My walk with God suffered this week. Early in the week I skipped my prayers and Bible study for several days. On the up side I was able to get back on track towards the end of the week.

Self Defense/Hunting

I purchased an RCBS bullet puller die and a collet for .35-.38 caliber. With this I was able to disassemble a dozen or so rounds of 9mm and .38 special that didn’t pass my inspection. Most had defects in the case so I was able to recover the bullets and can load them in other cases later on. I was also able to salvage a few cases that were in good shape. I will probably order additional collets so I can disassemble rifle cartridges and .45 ACP.


Our hunting trip was as success and we all ended up with at least one pig. I got a little crazy and shot a 203 pound boar. I generally shoot smaller sows as the meat is better but this old guy was just a little too tempting. My freezer is now full (over full as a matter of fact) with sausage and ground pork. We’ll be eating on that for months to come. The extra time at the range seems to have been worth it. I was able to drop him cleanly with a single shot.

Hog 2017

Used this opportunity to rotate out some of the water we have set aside for emergencies. We brought a case out of storage to bring with us and bought another to replace it.


Despite spending more on this hunting trip than anticipated, we were still able to put a few hundred dollars into savings.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless


3 thoughts on “What Did You Prep This Week?

  1. A little bit better this week: refilled the pantry and added some additional canned goods, further reduced our energy consumption and ordered a small solar kit. Not perfect, but a bit more back on track.

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