What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God

My walk with God is not as strong as it was last week but it is still going well. I was able to give back a little by helping a man in need a little north of here. He’s been through some seriously trying times over the last few years that have left his body weak but his faith is still strong. A local company re-roofed his home for free and we helped pull out some of the drywall and insulation that had been damaged by the years of water leaks. Another crew will be in later to replace it all. We also helped clean up his yard. Removing the years of built up leaves and trash that he had not been able to take care of himself. We were also able to catch up on some charitable donations that I had committed to but have fallen behind on.

My daily Bible study and prayer is still going well this week and I am learning a lot from both.

On the down side, I got sidetracked working on something and missed our Wednesday night bible study.

Self Defense/Hunting

I bought myself a Ruger American Predator bolt action rifle in .308 Winchester this week. I have been eyeing that rifle for several months now and when I saw it on sale I broke down and bought it. It has a fairly short (18 inch), threaded barrel should the hearing protection act pass), and an integrated picatinny rail. The calibers and rifles I own and use are fine out to maybe 150 yards. This rifle will allow me extend that and start practicing and hunting out well past 200 yards. I also bought a quality set of rings to mount the scope on it. I can’t wait to get it out to the range to start sighting it in.

To mount the scope I purchased a torque screwdriver set. I have always “winged it” on tightening certain screws to spec, especially on scopes and scope mounts. No more! I can do it up “right and proper now.”

With all the sales on AR parts I picked up a lower parts kit and three lower receivers. I may start another pistol build before long. I also plan to build an AR for each of my grand kids. They are too small for them now but one day they will be big enough and old enough and then they will have one…built by their Papa.

Several weeks ago I ordered a number of collets for the RCBS bullet puller die. After several weeks on back order the .22 caliber collet finally came in. This gives me a collet for each of the calibers I reload.


Also on sale was a nice 700 lumen flashlight. I have a couple of these lights and they are awesome.


We placed an online order for gold. This is the first time I have purchased something like that online so it will be interesting to see how well it works.


I have done pretty well exercising this week. I did miss one day but I was still able to increase the number of reps I do each day. I still want to get Wonderful Wife to start exercising as well. But with the number of hours she’s working that still hasn’t happened.


Last week we bought a Ring doorbell to provide a little extra security at the front door. It wasn’t working as we would have expected so after a call with their support staff they sent out a Ring chime to help extend our wireless network and improve performance of the video and audio. I have it installed but haven’e had a chance to test it out.

We also called to set up some time to check out a few pieces of land that look like good spots for hunting, camping and, eventually, retirement. Looking at the weather forecast this will probably have to be postponed.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless


7 thoughts on “What Did You Prep This Week?

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    “150 yards”. Nope. The .308/7.62mm variant, is a qualified round for 600 meter shooting, and I, did, qualify, at 600 meters with that cartridge. It was also used at 1000 meters and I heard some have used it for 1200 meters and 1500 meters. Within 150 yards, you will have very nice energy displacement on whitetail deer. If so, be certain that you are carrying a good sharp knife for field dressing. You will, be bringing home, meat.
    Best of Luck, with your new purchase.

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    1. Sorry, the caliber’s I have generally used PRIOR to the .308 typically lost enough steam or accuracy after 150 yards that I wouldn’t take shots out that far. I expect to be able to take shots well past that with this new rifle and caliber.

      In this part of Texas that not usually an issue. Shots longer than 100 yards are pretty rare because of all the trees and brush. I am hoping to do some hunting in north Texas or Oklahoma this year and longer shots are more common up that way. I now have the equipment for it so now it is time to develop the skills to go with the gear.

      God bless

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  2. Great choice for a new caliber. I still use the ol’ 30-30 here in Northern Minnesota. Never a shot over 100 yards , so no need for another caliber.
    Sounds like you’re staying on track for preparing.
    I put some extra money in the bank and stocked up on some long tern food storage that was on sale.
    Started looking at seeds for when Spring finally arrives !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What long term food did you get? I am always looking for options and recommendations.
      Spring seems to have sprung down here. I have been working on the garden this week. I hope the “Easter Freeze” we usually get doesn’t happen! If I wait until that risk is past I will miss out on a lot of veggies.


      1. Doing a small 400 watt off grid system to start with, kind of learning as I go. Yes, I remember the dreaded HOA from when I lived near Chicago, no such thing here in the mountains of TN. God Bless

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