What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God and Fitness

For a variety of reasons my walk with God really suffered this week. Wonderful Wife has been really sick of late and a trip to the doctor (several now) showed that she had pneumonia. She’s usually the tough one but she’s missed several days of work and she was alone for the worst of it since I was travelling most of the week. While I was out of town I started developing the same symptoms she’s been suffering with. A trip to the doctor showed I had a bad bronchial infection but no signs of pneumonia yet. As I write this we are both laying in the dark just trying not to cough.

While visiting the doctor it was discovered that, yet again, my blood pressure is through the roof. We’re talking so high that the nurse gets nervous and calls a more senior nurse to check it. When the senior nurse checks it she grabs a different blood pressure machine!

Apparently 180 over 130 is a great cause for concern.

Now I am on blood pressure meds in addition to the meds for the infection. It is common to prescribe an oral steroid for such infections but until my blood pressure is down that’s off the table.

The bottom line for all this whining is that I spent a lot more time resting and sleeping this week some of which I probably should have skipped in order to spend in God’s word. Exercise was just not a realistic option.

Self Defense/Hunting

Before the medical problems started I picked up two boxes of .308 ammunition for the new Ruger. I was planning to take it out to the range this weekend. That’s not happening.


Last weekend we rotated the food from the emergency pantry to the regular pantry. We also made it to the grocery store to buy what we needed to restock the emergency pantry.

We bought some plants to start our spring garden and got most of them planted but I still need to stake a few of the tomatoes because I ran out of stakes. I think we bought a few too many plants since I don’t have stakes for all of thema nd some will have to pots because there is no room for them in the planter boxes we set up as a garden. Because they get so big, the watermelon plants will have to go into the ground and that will take a bit to get prepared.

After writing about my preparedness goals for hurricane season I realized I was short on water storage so we bought two 100 gallon waterBOBs for hurricane season. These are one time use storage bladders that sit in the bathtubs and can be filled with water. They should arrive shortly.

We found a company that sells freeze dried (dehydrated) foods. We’ve always kept a few days worth of Mountain House or Wise meals on hand for emergencies but these are a bit different. Instead of pre-packaged meal these are individual ingredients like chicken, ground beef, vegetables, fruit, etc. that have a shelf life of 20 years or so and last about a year even after being opened.

The order arrived just before I got sick and I was able to prepare a meal out of them already. One of the included recipe cards was for chicken tortilla soup which sounded pretty good so we tried it. It was (pretty good that is). The chicken tasted like…well…chicken. It had a good texture to it and tasted better than some frozen chicken I bought from the grocery store. The veggies kind of disappeared into the soup but I probably overcooked it as I let it simmer for a couple hours longer than the recipe called for. So far, we are liking it and once we try a few more meals prepared with these items I will do a more in depth review.


We did put a little money aside this week. Not as much as I would have liked but considering we restocked our pantry, bought a sampler pack of the freeze dried foods and purchased some precious metals the fact that we still put anything aside is a good thing.


Before coming down with this crud I changed the batteries in the smoke detectors, flashlights and optics. Next time I need to get a better inventory before ordering. I bought too many of some and not enough of others. I had not even realized one of the optics needed a CR2 so that required another trip to the store to get that one taken care of.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. Considering the medical challenges we faced this week I am pretty happy with what we were able to get done although I still could have done a lot better in my walk with God. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless


5 thoughts on “What Did You Prep This Week?

  1. I will be interested in hearing about the freeze dried dehydrated foods. That sounds like something I need to get some of. Sorry you guys are down with illness. Take care of the BP for sure.

    The only thing I prepped this week was I went and bought 4 magazines for my AR (2 Magpul and 2 Hex) and 5 boxes of .223 ammo for it. I don’t even have the AR yet, but will when we return to Texas in 2 weeks.

    The tough thing about prepping and living in an RV is the lack of storage space, but I am trying.


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    1. While it is kind of fun to watch the BP machines overload and the crunched up looks on the faces of the doctors and nurses it is definitely NOT good for long term survival. I am seeing this as a wake up call and treating it as one as well.

      I’ll definitely post more about it as we make it through a few more meals using it.

      I understand about the RV. A good buddy of mine sold his house and land and moved into a (decent sized) travel trailer.They had lived in that house for well over a decade and I got regular updates on their efforts to shoehorn everything in. Fortunately, his son was able to take in a lot of the bulkier and heavier items like ammo and reloading supplies.Knowing his son, he’ll make pretty good use of both!
      God bless!


  2. Taking care of ourselves and loved ones has to be a priority. Hope you’re feeling better.
    I too have high blood pressure and know the struggles. By eating healthier and losing 25 lbs. I brought the pressure down some. Long term survival forced me to think about my health if things go bad.
    I put profits from our gun show business in our safe to have cash handy.
    I also ordered some dehydrated food that was on sale. I’ve tasted the last order and found it pretty decent. Having other stuff stored for some variety would help.

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    1. The blood pressure thing is weird. It is normal much of the time but when I get a sinus or upper respiratory infection it goes into the stratosphere. I guess this time I need to stay with it to figure out the problem.
      Which brand did you order? We can compare 🙂
      God Bless


  3. Excessively busy week so a few things did fall by the wayside, however we did add a significant amount of canned goods and batteries to the prep. Please keep us posted on the long term storage food and how it stacks up to others you’ve tried. God bless!

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