What The Heck Am I Preparing For? (Part 6: Financial and Social Disruption)

At some point in time the fiscal irresponsibility of our leadership over the last decades will come home to roost. What will happen when it does? Well, we have seen this on a smaller scale already in places like Greece and Argentina. Even before that we saw it in Europe and America between the first and second world wars.

At some point the polarization that is happening within the US and many of the European nations will reach a point of no return. Once there anything could ignite the kind of violence many fool themselves into believing we have progressed beyond. People who have not studied history have no clue that places like Afghanistan, Iran, and Lebanon were once considered almost “first world” in their level of “civilization” and culture. Sarajevo had hosted the winter Olympics in 1984 but was torn apart by civil war less than a decade afterwards.

So, what to do? How to prepare?

I am not really sure that they are really all that different from the other two scenarios I have walked through so far. Financially, there is nothing we are really doing any differently that what we are doing for retirement. In terms of supplies like food and water there is nothing really different than what we are doing to prepare for a hurricane. The risk of social disruption is very real after a hurricane as well and we discussed our approach to that already.


So, what would be the key difference between these scenarios and the ones already covered?

Really it is a matter of duration and intensity.



But the same basic needs still have to be met, the same skills will help carry us through and the same mindset will still help us survive.

The most important key to surviving such calamities is to accept that it is possible (or even probable). In reading first hand accounts of the “disruptions” in all the places listed above as well as countless more the most common statements are all along the lines of:

We never believed it could happen here…

We never saw it coming…

It happened so fast…

Those are almost always followed up with:

If we had, we could have…

Since our basics are covered for other scenarios the key will be to be aware so we can take the appropriate action as quickly as possible. When the markets begin to collapse we will need to get everything out that we can. When the cities start to burn and consume themselves, get out if we can or hunker down in the suburbs if we can’t.

Some items will retain their value no matter what. Gold and silver tend to do just that. Ammunition, food and durable goods will likely skyrocket in value. The skills and knowledge to survive in such circumstances will go from nearly worthless in our high-tech consumer-driven economy to invaluable. I’m willing to get there will be some who loose their faith in God during such times. Others will survive only because of it.

I hope this makes some sense as I have to admit still being a bit cloudy from medical issues.

God bless.



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