Terrorism And Turning The Other Cheek

Somewhere along the lines the Western church has remade God into a touchy, feely, hippiefied wimp lacking backbone or moral principles. They skip over the “uncomfortable” lessons of the Old Testament where God’s judgement was swift and terrible. The imprecatory Psalms where the Israelites, including David “a man after God’s own heart,” prayed for the devastation of their enemies are rationalized away. They skip over the fact that Jesus drove the defilers from the temple with a whip. He referred to the Pharisees and Sadducees as “Snakes! A brood of vipers.”

Make no mistake, we are “sinners in the hands of an angry God.” Not an annoyed God, not a God who just lost His temper but a God who is righteous and just and angered by humans who choose to ignore His law and His sacrifice. Anger is not wrong when it is directed at injustice and evil. It is not wrong to be angry when our fellow humans are trapped in slavery, tortured, raped and murdered and His anger and righteous wrath for such things will be terrible…and rightfully so.

As I said, we are all sinners. We all fall short. If we accept His gift of grace and turn away from our sins they can be forgiven; that forgiveness was paid for by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. If we do not accept, if we turn away, we will pay for and suffer the full measure for our sins. Islamic Terrorists, by definition, have not accepted Jesus’ gift of salvation. They have not accepted His grace. They, by definition, follow a false prophet and are condemned to Hell for doing so. They, obviously, would disagree and they believe I am condemned for not following their prophet. When they make that statement it is accepted, when Christians make the statement I made we are scorned by as small minded bigots.

I do not make war on Muslims to convert them nor do I persecute them because they believe differently than I do. They, however, do make war on my brothers and sisters in Christ that happen to live within their reach and persecute them.

So, should Christians “turn the other cheek” when it comes to terrorism?

I know what I believe to be true and I think it is pretty clear.

God bless.

7 thoughts on “Terrorism And Turning The Other Cheek

  1. I say that the time of political and social correctness is over. We must speak out for God and also, be prepared for the time when(not if) the infidels attack here. I have plenty of handguns and ammo for said handguns. What I am now prepping for is a weapon to have a longer reach with, thus an AR 15, plenty of ammo, and plenty of magazines for it.

    Keep your head on a swivel!

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    1. When the reports came out that the Umpqua Community College attacker was asking people if they were Christians and shooting them if they said yes (never confirmed to my knowledge) I told Wonderful Wife that I hoped that I would have the courage to say yes…
      Actually, I would hope I would have the courage and ability to attack him before it got to that point but the key question is this, “are we as Christians ready to stand for our beliefs regardless of the cost?” I hope and pray that I am but until the time of trial comes none of us truly know how we will react. Even Peter failed three times during the arrest and trial of Jesus.
      After the initial excitement over the outcome of the last election I find that I am losing that hope and becoming more convinced that times of real trial and tribulation are around the corner. Despite that growing assurance, I am still optimistic. Why? Because nothing that happens during my time on Earth really matters when compared to God’s promise of eternal life…
      God bless.


  2. Personally I’m a fan of Papal legate and Cistercian abbot Arnaud Amalric.
    He got it sussed right back in the year 1209.

    Worried that non Christians would pretend to be Christians during the battle of Béziers, he utters those immortal words “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius – aka Kill them all for God will know his own”.

    After all that was the only sure way to know the Christians would continue to be safe..

    Advance that thinking to today.
    IS (or whatever) terrorists and rapefugees are pretending to be REAL refugees and flooding into Europe and the US. While they all might be Muslims, it’s difficult to sort out who is who, good and bad.

    Thus Arnaud’s words of advice still work even after 800 years.
    To protect you and your own in the face of an uncontrolled invasion:-

    “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius – aka Kill them all for God will know his own”.


    1. If the tens or hundreds of thousands of military aged males went back to their own countries with a rifle and a bit of ammo and training how long before they cleaned out ISIS?
      Western nations owe them nothing. They, however, have a responsibility to their own countries and countrymen (and women) to fight for what is right. If they don’t care to do that then tough. Deal with the consequences of their own inaction.
      If we had armed the millions of Jews and others murdered by the Third Reich how long would Hitler have lasted? Yes, I know that is an over simplification but the point remains.
      God bless.

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  3. It seems to me that it is each person’s responsibilty to hear the voice of GOD in their life for their life. HE has an individual plan for every soul: some it may be war, others peace; yet each of them gear toward the salvation of their soul. Let us move foreward in HIM, clinging to our Hope. It is true and it is real.


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