Inspiration (Part 2)

Earlier today I posted a verse from Psalm 121:

From where does my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
who made heaven and earth.

-Psalm 121:1-2

I also prayed for those who were struggling and posted a few words of encouragement. Little did I know that I would need that same prayer and those same words today…

I found out today that a man that I respected deeply, a man I worked with for ten years and a man who had encouraged me and helped me to find Jesus as my Lordand Savior passed away. He was a great spirit who was always positive and always cheerful despite so many health issues. The only time I ever saw C upset or cranky was when his blood sugar tanked. He was diabetic. When he almost didn’t make it through a kidney transplant he was busy consoling others. When he had to quite driving because of his declining health we all knew how much that hurt him he still smiled. He loved his cars and driving them. When a lost young man was struggling to find himself he showed, by example, what a man should aspire to be. He wasn’t perfect. But he was forgiven and touched by Grace. As long as I can hold true, stay on the narrow way and make it through the small gate I will see him again on the other side.

I never told him how much he influenced me. I never told him how much I respected him and even admired him. There is a lesson there.

God bless you C. You will be missed…until we meet again.


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