Cost Of Intervention

Just in case anyone was wondering or counting, the attack on Syria last night cost the US taxpayer at least $50,000,000.00…

…that we don’t have.



9 thoughts on “Cost Of Intervention

    1. So few people actually look at the cost of things anymore. The western world just seems to figure that if it is possible it should be done.
      That line of thinking (in part) is how we end up dropping million dollar ordinance to take out a couple guys with $50 AKs. You can win a war be running over and killing the enemy. You can also win but making the costs (in men, materiel or dollars) so high your enemy can no longer afford to fight…
      God bless

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      1. It’s sad as poverty and healthcare, clean water and staple foods, education and housing all take second place to death.

        Mankind. The only species that shafts each other for a percentage or kills for pleasure.

        Then, as people turn to religion for solice, they find some religions are the trigger and driving force of the same.

        I dispair at times.

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