Modular Organization For Carry Gear

Since I have been sick and pretty much grounded from doing much of anything I have spent a bit of time thinking about all the stuff I pack around and what’s the best way to do that.

Here’s the deal. When I worked across town I kept a “get home bag” in my office. It contained snacks, food, toiletries, first aid kit and very basic tools in case I was stranded at work for a few days (happens fairly often in flood prone areas). I also kept another “get home bag” in my car that also included a change of clothes, good walking shoes ad a better supply of things that would be needed should I need to get home on foot.

Since I work from home most of the week these days I don’t need to keep a bag in my office. I still keep a bag in my car but I took out a the extra pair of jeans, walking shoes, and t-shirt. Mainly because I wear the same shoes for work now that I carried in my bag before (more casual work environment), the jeans are not too small and the t-shirt…well that needs to go back in.

I also carry an EDC bag with most of the same stuff minus the clothes. The EDC bag tends to get left in the car these days because it is a pain to lug it around. So, that leaves me with two bags in my car with essentially the same gear. That’s fine when I am in someone else’s car but possibly a bit wasteful most of the time. Plus it means that some items I should really have on me are back in the car.

So, here is what I am thinking…

Yes, that could be dangerous.

Micro Pocket Organizer

I ordered a Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer. From what I can tell I can keep most (or all) of what I consider essential to have on my person at all times in it and it fits quite nicely into a cargo pocket. I will have to see how well it works with jeans or slacks but I may be able to either attach it to a belt loop or find another way to carry it. To be honest that would be less than a few hours per week and mostly at church.
Mini Pocket Organizer

I also bought the larger Mini Pocket Organizer. I plan to put the remainder of the stuff from my EDC bag in there. That way I can put the important stuff in my pocket and have it with me at all times. The “nice to have” stuff can be tossed into a backpack or whatever I happen to be carrying that day and still be close by. If this modular approach works I could even do some specialized organizers too like one for when I am flying (I tend to strip my EDC gear down when flying out of town and sometimes forget to put things back in place), camping, or hunting. The idea is that I can just grab the organizers I need, toss them in the bag and I’m off.


I am hoping it will help simplify thigs too. Instead of a different medkit in each of three bags I can carry one medkit and transfer it as needed. It decreases redundancy (that’s a positive AND a negative) and makes it easier to keep track of what’s where, what’s been used and moved around.

What’cha think? Has anyone out there tried this approach? If so, how did it work out for you?

God Bless.


4 thoughts on “Modular Organization For Carry Gear

  1. Everyone considers the kit. It’s the be all for everyone.
    Only when you think about it there is little you can’t find if you look so the only thing that never leaves my side is a damn good knife and a FFP3 (N99) grade face mask.That’s it.

    For too long I worried about the kit.
    Making tool lists, supplies, even clothing but ultimately what do you actually need in those first few minutes?
    Something to protect your lungs, something to protect yourself, to cut or force things open. That and knowledge and training.

    After all, isn’t it generally the first rule of survival to get into cover.
    Out of the ‘sh’t. Only what if the sh’t is bad air laden with particles?
    The mask stops particles entering the lungs.
    After all the lungs are the fastest route inside you aren’t they?

    It’s a bit difficult to carry a range of forced entry tools but a decent rescue knife with a built in glass breaker and a ‘meaty’ blade strong enough to pry with? With training there is little I can’t bypass with the most simplist of tooling aka my knife.

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    1. Good info sir.
      It seems you have identified a piece of gear I left out (the mask) of my smaller bag. You also gave me something to think about in terms of my carry knife.
      This a big chunk of the reason I started this blog. To help get other people thinking and to get valuable input like this.
      Thank you.

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