Palm Sunday Terror

Once again Christians in Egypt have been attacked and murdered. At least 44 have been killed and over 100 injured as they celebrated Palm Sunday services.

A little over two years ago ISIS beheaded 21 Christian from Egypt. At least 37 attacks on Christian by ISIS and Egyptian Muslims have been documented in the last year.

When the media talks about discrimination against certain religious groups and the targeting of people for their faith why is this not the story they broadcast? There are stories of increased scrutiny being require for potential terrorists and maybe the occasional harsh words and, very rarely, an actual instance of violence. But to be a Christian in a Muslim country means true persecution and a constant threat of violence; terror attacks such as this, as well as murder, kidnapping, extortion, assault, and rape.

Where is this story being told?

Dear Lord, please have mercy on the victims of persecution around the world. Accept them in your loving arms. Comfort those who have lost loved ones and heal those injured. In Jesus’ name, amen.


6 thoughts on “Palm Sunday Terror

  1. This is all the more reason I see no need to visit other foreign countries. They cannot protect me and due to their laws, I cannot protect myself. I have a sister in law and brother in law that left on a two week vacation fly/cruise today. They fly to Italy and are supposed to cruise the Mediterranean. They were supposed to visit Israel and Egypt. Somehow, I don’t think that is going to happen now.


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    1. I hear you.
      I have to travel a bit in my job so at least once a year I am disarmed and unable to defend myself…right here in the US. The People’s Republics of Portlandia and NY don’t have reciprocity with Texas so I am unable to carry in either one. NYC knife and pepper spray laws leave me, essentially, disarmed. We would have to think long and hard about trips outside the US and some, like Egypt, would not make the “OK” list.
      God bless and thanks for stopping by.


    1. With politicians I don’t think it is fear as much as greed, for both wealth and power. Just like with illegal immigration in the US these politicians are “importing” a power base that will ensure they remain in office…
      Christianity is on the decline in Europe so supporting them has no upside. As someone one said, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.”
      God bless


      1. Smile. I know that scenario well.
        Yet I don’t think the politicians have thought this through (yet again).
        Our laws are based on Christian values.
        Sharia law and the Quran aren’t.
        Thus when the numbers game reaches a point where Sharia becomes the prominent law, and Islam the ruling force, what need is there for politicians?
        After all Muslims only really need their clerics and a copy of the Quran.

        So now that’s no politicians and no need for a legal system outside of Sharia.
        After that it’s living without the rule of Christian law.
        And without protection of the law, our already wounded faith may become outlawed if not persecuted.

        Trade will have to conform to Sharia law, no more equal opportunites, some foods banned, meat prepared as per Halil rules which would include the slaughter performed by a Muslim.
        For some, employment opportunites may plummet.
        I could go on but you know where I’m coming from.

        So as for a Power base? Whose, power base?
        Without rebellion to prevent it, the lame minds of the politicians may walk us all into sheeps clothing and end up as your scenario, discussing dinner with wolves.

        Yet now a sad thought dawns.
        Without leadership awake to the dangers, and to preserve what is right i.e.our faith, culture, and traditions, it may end up with Christians taking lives.

        A kind of ethnic and religious cleansing for survival.
        Been there, seen that, not pretty.

        Only to act early ‘MAY’ prevent it getting that far.
        But to act, first you have to name and expose the devil to all that will listen.
        Who would do that in power today? I submit no one.
        Thus it may finally end up with Christians going to war despite our leadership.
        Is that wrong? As an old soldier I say NO. Others may question that answer.

        God bless my friend.


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