What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God

I stumbled a bit at the beginning of the week and skipped a day of prayer and Bible study. Outside of that I was back on track with Bible study and prayer. We made it to church although not Sunday school this week and I was able to attend the Wednesday night class covering the Old Testament.  It felt good to get back on track and I definitely needed it this week.

Giving back is an important part of serving God. This weekend I was blessed to be able to give back a little. Our church puts on an event that brings kids out to the country and enables them learn and enjoy some great skills like camping, fishing, archery and shooting. I was able to spend the day teaching kids (and even a few adults) how to safely handle firearms. We also had the opportunity to share the Gospel in a fun and exciting way. It was also a real stretch for my physically after my recent health issues. I was also able to make a donation to the church this week as well.

Self Defense/Hunting


I spent some time practicing timed draws from concealment. I am still slower than I would like but I ma making progress.

I purchased a “tactical pen” for restrictive environments like when flying. It is definitely not my first choice for a defensive tool but it should be far more effective than harsh words.

I also bought some ammo this week; another box of .308, a box of .38 Special self-defense ammo and 80 rounds of buckshot. I have had a target for the amount of ammo I wanted to have on hand for at least a year and with this purchase I achieved that target for the last caliber on the list, 12 gauge buckshot.


Bought two Maxpedition packs to test out a more modular approach to my EDC.


I am back to square one but I have started stretching and exercising again after my recent health issues. I am getting stronger and should be able to catch up to where I was in a few weeks.

I have been a really bad boy and haven’t taken my blood pressure as often as I should have. Checked it today and it is still a little high (122/81) but still down from last week and WAAAAY down from last month.


Nothing financial this week.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless


7 thoughts on “What Did You Prep This Week?

  1. This week our preperations for our river/canal trip are complete.
    Yet an aspect of our ‘personal care’ was highlighted during the week as two boaters were attacked along our chosen route by what they described as foreigners. As usual the police did nothing.

    So, with the prospect of ~50 miles of less than good security, we have had to, once again, consider self defence.
    Thus two aspects have been considered.
    How to warn off attack?
    Alarms and lighting. CCTV, and grouping together at night.
    How to deal with an forced intrusion?
    Like one notable military force does, we will endevour to maintain peace by the careful application of the maximum force possible. Thus we are now weaponised out to 50 yards.
    Way I see it is ‘My own’ is way more precious than some jerk off.

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    1. It’s such a shame that in the modern world you have to travel like my ancestors did when settling the old west here in the states?
      With the exception of the CCTV and boats of course…
      My great, great grandfather worked his way halfway across the continent herding and standing guard over other people’s animals. Keeping the fires stoked (lights), setting trip lines (alarms), and standing guard duty were part of his daily/nightly duties. The wagons all traveled together just as you are planning and for much the same reason. It was tough and dangerous but got him to Texas with a bit of money to start a new life.
      I hope your journey is as safe as his was.

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      1. Thank you Sir.
        But it’s not a shame my friend, it’s travel with nature as our companion.
        We love it even though at the end of this trip it will be the end of our life on a boat.
        And all because of the greed of others.

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  2. Rough week here yet again; a tough work schedule and an unrelenting bout with the flu has netted us very little this week. Did manage to order an upgraded charge controller and 2 more panels for the solar project, but that’s about it. Tomorrow’s another day!

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  3. Busy here taking care of my sick wife. She is feeling a lot better.
    I did stop by a new coin shop on the way home from work. Meet a very nice guy and bought a feww American Silver Eagles. I plan on stopping by after every payday.
    Also made plans to get out to the range with my son this weekend!
    That’s it from the workingman!


    1. Sorry to hear that your wife is sick but glad she is getting better. There seems to be a lot of that going around these days…

      That’s how I got started with silver, a few each payday. Two suggestions, check the spot prices before you go in but more importantly check their upcharge. Shop around online or in the area to make sure you are getting a good deal. I have found variances of several dollars per ounce over spot between shops. Also, if you like dealing with these guys don’t hesitate to negotiate. Tell them up front what you want to pay (within reason) and they can likely match it. Over time I had developed a good enough relationship that I could tell them at one shop how much I had to spend and what I wanted and they would make it work, as best they could. Spot isn’t usually negotiable but their upcharge is. Also, check because each type of coin can have a different upcharge so you may pay more for an eagle than maple leaf. You may also get a discount if you save up for a few paydays and buy in larger quantities.

      You probably already knew all that 🙂

      God bless.


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