Media Twist And Spin

Last July, in the post Facts Are Irrelevant, Only The Narrative Matters I showed an example of the media and even government officials spinning and twisting information in order to ensure that the narrative matches the agenda despite pesky little things like facts.

Here is another example, the recent fire at the immigrant camp in France. The BBC headline is pretty straightforward:

France migrants: Huge fire guts Grande-Synthe Dunkirk camp

CNN adds a spin to it:

Migrants without shelter after fire destroys French refugee camp

Reuter’s adds even more of a spin:

Fire destroys French migrant camp, leaving hundreds homeless

All the articles focus on the impact to the poor refugees; those injured and those now without shelter. Each, to one degree or another, works hard to hide the whole story. Most, if not all of those injuries were the result of “fighting” between residents of the camp, later between residents and riot police who arrived to stop the bloodshed. Riot police who were later needed to protect firefighters from the residents of the camp even as they worked to put out the fires consuming the refugee’s shelters…

What we have is gang warfare between various Islamic factions (exactly what they claim to be running from) within the camp. Violence that includes weapons such as knives and clubs and that ultimately resulted in these folks burning down their own camp. Obviously this doesn’t fit the agenda of those in in power. So it is twisted and spun into a tale that does.


Because if the truth of the matter were actually shared with the citizenry of the cities, states and nations who are being tasked and taxed to take these refugees in what do you think their reaction would be?

Please red beyond the headlines and get all the facts, especially those those in power are trying to hide.

God Bless


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