The Cost Of War

The “news” today is filled with reports of the US using a 21,000 lb. GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Airblast (MOAB) bomb against the ISIS in Afghanistan. This is the most powerful, non-nuclear, weapon in the US arsenal. According to the talking heads in Washington it was deployed against a tunnel complex that was in use by local fighters to move freely in the area and may have been used in the recent attack that killed an American soldier in the area last weekend.

$2.5 Million on a flatbed trailer

There is no report yet on the effectiveness of the weapon but a quick guestimate based on the procurement contract with the manufacturer is that we just spent $2.5+ million dollars to (possibly) collapse some tunnels and (possibly) take out a few easily replaced terrorists armed with $50 AKs.

At this rate, we’ll be bankrupt before we can squash the “JV Team” but at least Trump did fulfill a campaign promise to bomb the sh%t out of ISIS…

Honestly though, I don’t think the real point of this had anything to do with ISIS. I think this was a message to Iran and especially North Korea. If the damage was as significant as this thing is capable of creating I am sure there will be lots of images plastered on all the “news” outlets showing what the US can do to their bunker complexes.

God bless

[Update: The DoD estimates that 36 ISIS fighters were killed by the MOAB. Which means we spent about $70,000 (more than most Americans make in a year) to take out each of these terrorists.]


5 thoughts on “The Cost Of War

    1. Wars can be won by overrunning and crushing the enemy, draining his will to fight by constant insurgency draining his resources to fight the same way. Using multi-million dollar munitions to kill two guys on a motorcycle may save American lives but it’s hastening our downfall by driving us further into debt.
      The alternatives are not pretty and don’t play well on the nightly news; empower dictators like, Khadaffi, Assad and Saddam Hussein and let them use whatever means necessary to crush the Jihadis, spend a ton of American lives to pacify nations that have been fighting “invaders” for several hundred years or leave them the heck alone and let keep busy killing each other like in Libya and Syria…
      The lessons of history are tough.
      God bless


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