What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God

My walk this week was pretty good. My prayer time was consistent as was my Bible study. I was able to step in and lead our Sunday School lesson on Sunday. We didn’t have Wednesday night Bible study this week but we did have a Maunday Thursday night service and a Good Friday service.

The Thursday night service was extremely powerful. Our pastor gave a detailed overview of the crucifixion and the effects on the human body that had most of us in tears. It was a powerful message that showed, in detail, what Jesus suffered so that our sins would be forgiven, so that my sins would be forgiven.

We also attended the Good Friday and (of course) Easter Sunday services and even made it to Sunday school. It was a powerful and emotional week.

Self Defense/Hunting

I bought two more boxes of .308 ammunition. Another box of what will likely be my “go to” hunting round and a box of “premium” hunting ammunition. It will be fun to test them all out as soon as I can make it out to the range.

I also bought a sling for the new Ruger American rifle. Now I just need to get to the range to get it sighted in.


I was able to spend some time working in the garden tying up tomatoes, watering and planting some of the plants I should have gotten in the ground weeks ago.


I was pretty consistent about exercising this week as well. At least I did my own bare minimum each day (except one). I was also able to increase the number of reps I do in each exercise session. I am slowly regaining the strength and stamina I had before getting sick.

I made a list of food that can help bring down cholesterol (mine’s not high but Wonderful Wife’s is) and put together a shopping list based around those foods. Since I do most of the cooking I will make sure these get included in our diet.

My blood pressure and heart rate are still high. I have another appointment with the doctor next week. We’ll see what he says.


We put a little aside out of Wonderful Wife’s paycheck this week but, unfortunately, it will get used pretty soon. We spent a little more on the credit cards this month that we expected but looking over the receipts it was not frivolous.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless


2 thoughts on “What Did You Prep This Week?

  1. Despite an ongoing battle with a nasty flu (wife has it now too) we did manage to put away a few more canned goods, and a couple of boxes of ammo. Got 2 of our garden spots tilled up, but the seedlings are still too small to set. Bonus went straight into savings and electric bill dropped from $315 last month to $210 this month due in part to our energy saving efforts and increased use of solar. Solar upgrade is at a standstill waiting for a new controller that apparently is on the actual ‘slow boat from China!’
    Keep up the great work! God bless.


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