Modular EDC Project: Part One

A week or so ago I posted about trying a more modular approach to my everyday carry (EDC) approach. I purchased a couple of organizers from Maxpedition and was eager to get started. Silly things like work and family seemed to keep getting in the way so this took a little longer than expected.

I had several goals in mind when I came up with this little exercise.

First and foremost was that I have become a bit lazy of late with regards to my EDC and I have been leaving the bag in the car rather than carrying it around everywhere. The problem is that some really critical items (and some not so critical items) were in the car instead of on my person.  For an idea of what I was lugging around and what my EDC looks like check these posts:


Everyday Carry (EDC) Bag Dum

The secondary goal for this exercise was to be able to organize certain types of gear into discreet containers. One example was that I could have an organizer with TSA unfriendly items so I could pull them quickly and easily without having to pull the bag apart and run the risk of missing something.

The final goal was to reduce a little duplication. I have my EDC bag and I have a laptop bag that I carry when visiting client sites. I have a lot of stuff duplicated between them such as first aid kits, flashlights, knives, multi-tools, etc. With so much duplication it is easy to overlook something that is running low in one or the other bag. It’s also hard to rotate through it especially since some of it can go bad or expire.

It was not one of my goals originally but ThoughfullyPrepping provided some very useful advice on the initial post:

Everyone considers the kit. It’s the be all for everyone.
Only when you think about it there is little you can’t find if you look so the only thing that never leaves my side is a d@mn good knife and a FFP3 (N99) grade face mask.That’s it.

What I consider a decent knife (or two) is already part of my EDC. No matter where I go (except when flying and a few other times when even knives are prohibited) I have a knife on me. I consider it an essential tool. I carry a couple of different models depending on my attire and the circumstances but a knife is a given. I also carry face masks (as well as other items that can provide a similar function such as bandanas) in my EDC bag but, as I mentioned, I have been leaving that in the car of late. So this was well timed advice when deciding what should be in my “always with me” organizer.

So, what did I come up with?

I’ll show you next week!

God Bless

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