What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God

This was a pretty good week in terms of my walk with God. I was consistent in my daily prayer time and Bible study. I did miss my Wednesday night Bible study but that was in order to celebrate my middle grandson’s birthday.

I was honored to be able to officiate the wedding of a couple of close friends. It was an amazing experience and I hope and pray that in some small way I helped them embark on their marriage journey with a good message and service.

I was also blessed and given a small opportunity to give back by helping and elderly member of the family with some small tasks she was unable to do for herself. It was all simple, light tasks but my stamina is still not what it was and I wore myself out to the point that I took an unintended nap on her couch!

Self Defense/Hunting

I didn’t accomplish anything in this area at all this week. I had planned to make it to the range one day this week but work got in the way and I had to cancel those plans.


I went through the first aid kit I carry as part of my EDC and restocked it as needed.


This is another area I did well on this week. I stretched and exercised every day except Sunday, but I got more of a workout helping around Ms. Wanda’s house. So much for a day a of rest! I also added another rep on all my morning exercises.


This was the area that we made the most progress this week. The dividend money I withdrew last week came in and we invested it in some precious metals. We also came across a “special offer” from another online bullion seller and took advantage of it to get 10 ounces of silver at the strike price with no premium. Both of those should arrive in the next week or so. Then I will have to transfer them to my “safe storage” location.

We also received our tax refund this week. We split the money between our own savings and the grand kid’s savings accounts.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless


2 thoughts on “What Did You Prep This Week?

  1. Tough week here; aside from getting another garden spot planted all my time has been spent caring for a sick parent. Hoping to find a permanent solution soon, till then it will be rough going, God bless.


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