Huge Global Ransomware Attack

Patch, patch, patch your Windows PCs!

Threat Watch

It appears that there may well be an global ransomware attack underway. Please make sure your Windows PCs are updated with the latest patches (link).

Outbreak map from MALWAREINT (click map for live version)

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5 thoughts on “Huge Global Ransomware Attack

  1. Patch by all means but don’t just let Microsoft loose in your PC.
    Pick out the updates you need, not what they want to do.
    The reason? Some of your software or even hardware may never work again.
    Such is the ‘sensitive’ way the updates are applied.
    Microsoft, IMHO the root of all computer evil.


    1. I should have said apply all critical security updates. Most people don’t do this or do it regularly. For a while I earned extra money “fixing” people’s PCs which entailed cleaning off the current set of malware infesting the machine and applying the patches that would have prevented those infections.

      Even fewer lack the skills or discipline to know what they can/can’t or should/shouldn’t apply. In the old says this resulted in annoying pop ups, slow downs and such. Today it means your machine is now part of a global botnet and your personal information and identity has been stolen. Given a choice between identity theft and replacing an app or two. When we were hit with an identity theft back in the 80s (totally non-PC related) it took seven years to recover and put things right.To me, not many apps or hardware is worth that.

      I have been avoiding it like the plague because it is way too much like work, but maybe I do need to do a series on technology…

      God bless.

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      1. Good reply.
        Only I can sum current computers maintenance up in a simple sentence.
        “If you want things to work, don’t use Microsoft!” Plus one more, “Unplug”.

        As for our digital survival?
        Nothing personal is ever stored on our laptop, we don’t ‘do’ Internet Banking or anything else, and always accept that ‘Big Brother’ is reading and watching all.

        Nice isn’t it. The modern world and here I am thinking “Roll on one lovely big EMP and the subsequent return to a more civilised way of life aka No more 24/7/365”.

        God Bless.

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  2. There was a time when the only Windows machine in my home was my work laptop and nothing personal was on that. It is still not far from the truth but Wonderful Wife’s work laptop is now Windows as well and I am doing more on my Windows laptop because I am too cheap to spring for another personal laptop after mine went belly up.

    Other platforms are now more vulnerable, probably based more to do with increased popularity than any underlying change in security. They are just more popular and are now more appealing targets. I have spent too much time in the Linux, UNIX and MAC worlds to think otherwise.

    It amazes me how many people will lug around three different fire starting tools in their EDC but don’t use a single solution to back up their personal data…

    God bless.


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