Sometimes Even The Media Gets It Right

At the very bottom of an NBC report on the murder of 24 Christians in Egypt today there were a couple of lines that really struck home:

Pope Francis visited Egypt in April to show solidarity with its persecuted Christians and to try to mend relations with Muslims across the region.

Following the pontiff’s trip, ISIS vowed to escalate the attacks against Christians, urging Muslims to steer clear of Christian gatherings and Western embassies.

Even though it was  buried at the very end of the article I was shocked to see such a statement in any mainstream media post. The simplicity of the statement shines a light on the problem with Islamic terrorism and the mainstream approaches to it. The very simple fact that these animals don’t want to improve relations, they don’t want mended relations. They want Christians and Jews gone and preferably dead.

Maybe not all Muslims think this way but the terrorists do. There is no mending fences with them. Either they die or we do.

If there are Muslims who don’t agree then they need to speak up, loudly. They need to drive these beliefs from their Mosques. They need to renounce, denounce and turn those who think that way in to the authorities.

There are only two reasons that they would not do so. They are lying and do support such evil or they are fearful of retaliation or retribution. Either they agree or this is such a strong part of their religious community that they can’t risk its wrath.

It’s that simple.

Note: Some will say that it is somehow the Christians fault for being in a Muslim country. Egypt only became a Muslim dominated country around 640 AD when it was conquered by an Arabian army. Prior to that it was a predominantly Christian nation.


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