Bullet Performance From A Snubbie

Tam, over at the View From the Porch blog, has a nice post and some interesting information on the performance of various loads out of a .38 Special snubbie. Of course the post is a teaser for a full length article soon to appear on Breach Bang Clear.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

God Bless


3 thoughts on “Bullet Performance From A Snubbie

  1. HydraShock, is what I carried when hunting, in my service revolver. Never needed to discharge the revolver to put an animal down, so I cannot really say anything beyond, that it’s nice ammo, when punching holes in paper. With a .38 Special, I tend to like 158 grain LSWC loads. Powder charges, Standard is smooth, while the +P, was authorized service ammunition, and was good medicine when needed. When utilizing ammunition on humans, things vary. There is no magic bullet, as some people wear body armor, some people are active in rain, or heat, or snow. Some people are doped up, while others are numb with liquid courage. Some people are deranged mentally. Ammunition, should be, what is able to hit any given target and result in optimum achieved goal expected. Bullet speeds need not have to be hypersonic and travel one light year per second, 800 fps will do just fine, even at 100 yards, or several feet. The bullet will get there if it exits the muzzle. Hitting the target is an entirely different matter. Also, people who are “older” shooters, over the age of forty, or those wearing corrective eyeglasses, usually find the shorter distance between front and rear sights, a bonus and easier to use, than longer sighting planes. Condition and tuning of the snubnose, is vital, as is, allowing the shooter’s hand select the correct grips. On a J-frame, I am partial to only a Tyler T-grip, and like the round butt, just a little more than the square butt, due to concealability. Proper business attire, I never liked to print a gun, and when it was appendix carried, or ankle carried, or shoulder carried, the round butt had a slight edge. In the service K-frame, I definitely liked the square butt, much more than the round butt. There again, a Tyler T-grip, or Pachmayr Professional grips.

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