Putting The Revolvers Down For A Bit

In the last range report I posted, I mentioned how poor my performance was with both the Smith & Wesson 442 and the Ruger LCR. My accuracy was definitely not what it should be and I feel that deficiency could cost me or a loved one our life in a self-defense situation.

The issue is not related to the firearms themselves or the ammunition. It is either that I haven’t spent as much time practicing as I should (most likely) or the trouble I have been having with my shoulder and elbow are impacting accuracy. I am hoping that with a little more range time I can get back to where I think I need to be but

In the meantime I have put my snubbie’s away and will carry my Glocks instead. The lighter trigger, better sights and reduced recoil of the Glocks will help my accuracy and the extra couple of rounds provide a little insurance for my (temporarily) reduced skill set. The G42 is almost as light as the snubbies and will take over as my daily carry while I am working from my home office. I am not a big fan of .380 for self-defense but the G43 is a very soft shooter and should get the job done with seven rounds on tap. It will ride in my pocket when working from home where I am literally within arms reach of my gun safe.

I have also been known to carry a snubbie when heading out on quick trips around the neighborhood but until I sort out my accuracy issues with the snubbies the G43 will get the nod on all trips out of the house for a while.

God Bless


4 thoughts on “Putting The Revolvers Down For A Bit

  1. I hear great things about both the 42 and the 43. I didn’t look at the 43 for my last pistol purchase because of the 6 round limit. I wanted more so I went with the Shield’s 7+1 and 8+1 capacity. However, I notice that there are things you can do to the 43 magazines to allow a +1 or +2 addition to the capacity. I may have to give the 43 another look.

    On a different note, when I got the Shield, it came with the green CT laser installed. I love it. I am now looking for CT lasers for my XD Mod 2 subcompact and my S&W 642. I notice that Midway USA has them on sale for some very attractive prices right now.

    Life is good when you have choices.


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    1. My wife has a Shield as well as a M&P 9c. We both enjoy them and like them. I was already invested in Glocks and like having the consistency in my carry and home defense guns otherwise I might have gone that route instead. I have +1 and +2 extensions for the G43 and usually carry those as spare mags. The new ETS mags are built from the ground up as 7, 9 and 12 round magazines. I need to get them out on the range before I’ll bet my life on them though.

      I have been considering Ct laser grips for my 442 and/or LCR. After working with my wife’s 9c which is equipped with one I really like them.

      For the time being though the revolvers and upgrading them are on hold until I determine if the issue is with my arm and the heavy trigger pull or just a lack of practice.

      God bless.

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  2. Sorry to hear about your issues. I have a LCRx in .38 Special that I enjoy carrying, but training with it and shooting it is difficult. The snub nose revolvers are tough to shoot even for experienced shooters. I think I’ll start carrying my Shield in 9mm. It is a bit heavier, but I feel confident shooting it.
    I always advise people to carry what they feel confident shooting, whether it’s a revolver, pistol or even a derringer!

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