Media Bias In Russia (Too)

I came across a news article on Reuter’s “news” service titled: In Russia, state TV and the Internet tell a tale of two protests

It goes to great lengths to point out that the media in Russia downplayed the recent anti-Putin protests and dramatically under reported the numbers involved…

I think they honestly see this as newsworthy despite the fact that their own reports (as well as most of those from mainstream media in the US) are just as biased towards their own agenda and views. I have watched as anti-gun protests are shot from angles that make 10-15 folks with signs look like a crowd of hundreds. The text in the accompanying articles reinforced the same numbers..despite reality.  Campaign rally numbers in the recent US elections were under or over reported based on the affiliation and agenda of the news service. CNN even posted pictures of a virtual ghost town of attendees at the Trumpet inauguration (taken hours before the event started) and compared them to the crowds of anti-Trumpet protesters.

So, they key takeaway for me is that the media in the UK (based on what I have been hearing), US AND Russia are biased and not to be trusted and all seem more concerned with furthering their own agendas than reporting the news…

God help us…


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