Inspect Your Food Storage

While I was rotating and inventorying the emergency pantry I noticed that one of the stacks of five gallon buckets containing our long term food storage items was leaning. It turns out that the Gamma lid on the bottom bucket was broken. It had cracked either due to too much weight (that stack has five buckets high for a bit) or a manufacturing defect. I have no idea how long it had been this way or when the crack started.

Doesn’t look as bad as it actually was

In either case had I not used a “belt and suspenders” approach to storing the food in this bucket could have been ruined. Fortunately, I seal the food staples (mainly rice and beans) in mylar bags within the buckets themselves, both of which are food grade, so even though the airtight and critter tight seal on this bucket was broken no food was damaged or lost.

We use food safe buckets because if the mylar is compromised there is no risk of poisoning the food with contaminants from the plastic. Since they are food safe we can also reuse them for storing water (once they are emptied) or other food stuffs if needed.

I ordered a replacement lid (plus a spare) plus another bucket and lid combo. I already have the mylar bag for it and once we get a chance we’ll buy more beans and add to our long term food supply.

Lesson Number 1: Inspect your preps, especially food preps, regularly.

Lesson Number 2: Use a double layer of protection, a “belt and suspenders” approach, to protecting your perishable supplies like food.

God Bless!


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