Are You Prepared For The One Disaster We Will All Face?

I was really looking forward to Independence Day weekend this year.

We had a beach house rented for five days. All my kids and grand kids would be there at some point. It was Wonderful Wife’s birthday and I had a surprise gift for her that I was pretty sure she was going to love. I always love sitting on the deck and watching everyone else around us burn through thousands of dollars worth of big, expensive fireworks. This weekend, I even locked all the guns away and had an adult beverage or two one night.

Sure there were ups and downs to the weekend. You can’t put sixteen or so people together in the same house for four days and not have a few disagreements. This is especially true when you have three “alpha” females with strong personalities and five kids under the age of seven. With that mix even what to cool for dinner and how it should be prepared can lead to some hilarious (in hindsight) power games.

An unexpected phone call early in the morning of the 5th changed the whole tone of the weekend. One of our nieces, was in an auto accident on the way back from a day at the lake with her family. The vehicle left the road, hit something and rolled several times. She was being flown by air-ambulance to a nearby hospital but it did not look good. Another call a little later in the morning confirmed our worst fears. She had suffered a severe head injury and was dead at eighteen years of age. Our graduation gift was still sitting on our counter at home waiting to be mailed when we returned from our trip…

She was a beautiful girl when she and her sister used to come over to swim with my youngest daughter. She was an equally beautiful as the flower girl in my middle daughter’s wedding. As a young lady she had grown even more beautiful. She was planning to go on to school and travel the world. Big and brave ambitions for a young lady raised in such a small town but she was now gone. She would not travel the world, or go off to school. She wouldn’t post silly sayings or silly selfies on Fezbook anymore. She would be buried in that small town in a pink metal box with a spray of flowers and a flood of tears from those she left behind…

She was and is loved. She will be missed and there is a hole in the heart of all who knew her.

I have said it before on this blog, there is one disaster that is guaranteed to strike us all. We will all die. Some sooner and some later, but we will all meet our end.

Since this is a disaster guaranteed to befall each of us it is also the most important thing we can prepare for. We have complete control over what happens after our deaths. We can receive God’s Grace by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and repent of our sins gaining eternal life in Heaven. Or, not.

It is a simple choice but one that has eternal consequences.

As sad and heartbroken as I am over her death I am also comforted because I will see her again one day. She made that choice and accepted Christ a year or so ago.

Have you?

Have those you love?

God bless.


3 thoughts on “Are You Prepared For The One Disaster We Will All Face?

  1. So sorry about your niece. We’ve been dealing with my 15 year old granddaughter finding out she has cancer this week. The wife and I have been praying daily for our daughter, granddaughter, and grandson to find Christ. We ask for God to send someone to them since they do not listen to us. We are believing that God has decided to send cancer to get their attention instead. If it provides a crack for God to get through to them, it will be worth it!!!!

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