Update: ETS Glock 43 Magazines

The the Range Report I posted last month (link) I shared my initial thoughts on the Glock 43 magazines from ETS.

The main selling point, for me, on these magazines is that they are designed to have a seven round capacity while still fitting flush in the firearm. At the range I was unable to fit seven rounds into either of the magazines. A quick call to ETS’ customer support line (very nice folks by the way) resulted in a suggestion to load the magazines and let them sit for a week or so. This would “loosen up” the springs an allow them to be loaded with the extra round.

As you can see, it worked.

I am now able to load the magazines to their advertised capacity.


The spring is now 100%, fully compressed. There is no more give AT ALL. So inserting a fully loaded magazine into the firearm requires some serious brute force and effort. Once inserted that same pressure is now applied to the inner workings of the firearm. I think there is a strong possibility that the pressure and resulting drag on slide operation could cause feeding issues. I have not tested it at the range yet so maybe with the energy of a full powered self-defense cartridge working the action it won’t be an issue. We will see.

I can see this possibly being a good choice for a “spare” magazine. Loading the magazine on seven rounds while the slide is locked open no problem and once the pressure of that seventh round is relieved the magazine should operate normally. Despite the extra pressure on the top round is seem to feed fairly easily and properly.

For the moment these will not be in my carry rotation. Until and unless I can get a lot more comfortable with their reliability I will continue to depend on my tried and true six round magazines.

God bless.


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