Hand Cannon

Yes Honey, I know we are trying to save money.

Yes Honey, I know I have a lot of revolvers already.

But Honey…But…

To be honest that was how the conversation went in my head. The actual conversation was more like, “Hey babe, I know we are trying to save some money but I saw a great deal on a revolver. I think it would be a good investment since I could flip it pretty quickly for a couple of hundred buck profit but if we hang on to it for a while it will probably be worth even more.”

You see, I am truly a blessed man and my greatest blessing is Wonderful Wife. I don’t know if I would qualify this purchase as a blessing but I did get something I have been wanting for quite a while, for a good price.

Weighing in at less than 14 ounces but chambered in .357 Magnum the Smith & Wesson M&P 340 is could easily be classified as a hand cannon. I can only imagine the recoil of full bore .357 Magnum loads out of such a lightweight gun. When I asked the young man who sold it to me if he had launched .357 loads out of this little beast he said “twice, not two times, twice.”

I can’t wait to give it a try.

I have been wanting a .357 J-Frame for several months but they are not particularly easy to find and when they can be found are usually pretty pricey. Nevertheless I kept an eye on some of the gun forums and my patience has finally been rewarded.

So, what all did I get?

A pelican case…

Filled with ammo (250 rounds of Speer Gold Dot and 100 rounds of practice ammo), two holsters…

And one very lightly used revolver equipped with a Trijicon front sight and Crimson Trace laser grips. All in my favorite finish for a modern handgun, basic black. Purchased new this would have probably cost me at least $1200 while I paid about half that.

This is a pretty busy week for me work-wise but I am hoping to strip it down and give it a thorough cleaning and inspection and make it to the range within the next week or so. Expect a range report as soon as I can make that happen.

Take care and God Bless!


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