.38 or .357 Out Of A Snub Nosed Revolver?

So there is a lot of “info” floating around out there about the effectiveness of .357 Magnum rounds out of a snub-nosed revolver. Conventional wisdom (at least what I have heard) is that, due to the short barrel length, there is no advantage of .357 Magnum over .38 Special out of a snubbie. This guy puts that to the test in his video and the results surprised me:

As you can see there is a good bit of difference in performance and the hollow points he tested did, in fact expand. Now as to the extra recoil and muzzle blast, I’ll have to get my new Hand Cannon out to the range and check that out for myself.

God bless.


4 thoughts on “.38 or .357 Out Of A Snub Nosed Revolver?

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    Better to go with what you can accurately hit with, based upon your experience and training. I believe the 158 grain .38 Special+P, is only under par of a .357 Magnum. Recoil is a little milder, and in a snubnose, I carried the .38, but could handle a .44 Magnum. A J-frame, is easier to carry. Multiple carry positions for whatever a person is attired in. I never felt undergunned with a J-frame. Could hit targets at just about anything up to 75 feet without any problem. From what I have seen in the morgue, not all hollow points will expand, and the LSWC .38, did the job very well. On the street, my experience in shootings, was with a K-frame Model-10 service revolver, and I continue to love them. With a J-frame, Model-36, start low end, maybe standard velocity, but 158 LSWC. How are the groups? How was the recoil. My preference is a Tyler T-Grip adapter on a round butt Model-36. On the Model-10 square butt, I like Pachmayr Gripper, or Professional grips. Different guns, different options, will yield different results. Keep the weapon clean. Keep the weapon tuned and in good working order. Street carry, use as few modifications as possible.
    How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.

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  2. As my 642 will only shoot 38 specials, I will have to stick with it. I have the GP100 and though I can tell a difference in shooting 38’s and 357’s, they are both pussy cats out of the GP 100 with the 4″ barrel. Neither the 642 nor the GP100 are my home defense weapons or my EDC’s either. I have other semi autos for EDC.

    I like Paul Harrell’s videos. He knows his stuff!


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    1. I carry my LCR (.38 Special) most of the time but, to be honest, that’s because I work from home and that’s what I carry here. I’ll take it along outside of the house for short, close trips but anything longer or outside my neighborhood the Glock 42 generally gets the call.
      God bless.

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