The Freeze Dried Pantry: Part 1 (Why)

Several months back I was listening to a prepping podcast on the way home from a meeting with a customer and the person being interviewed mentioned Thrive Life  freeze dried foods and how good they were. The whole topic was done in a few seconds and they went on to the main topic of the show which had nothing to do with food storage. I actually don’t remember the main topic but her quick “elevator pitch” stuck with me and I eventually looked up the information for her web site and started doing some research.

Note: There are several food programs and supplement makers out there using Thrive in their name and marketing. It can cause a lot of confusion.

Now when I think of freeze dried foods I think of the brands like Mountain House or Wise, pre-made meals that you re-hydrate with hot water. I have tried them and, to be honest, I am not that fond of a few of them and downright detest most of them. Nevertheless they are light and easy to pack in a bug out bag or get home bag. They last a long time and are easy to prepare, filling and fairly nutritious in an emergency or when hiking. They would not be anywhere near the top of the list of things I prefer to eat.

Thrive is a bit different. Although they do offer some pre-made meals, most of what they sell are ingredients that can be purchased and used just like regular items from the grocery store; diced carrots, sliced onions, mushrooms, chopped chicken, etc. You can use these ingredients in place of fresh or canned in whatever recipes you and your family enjoy and they last a long, long time.

Thrive Carrots

The Thrive web site suggests using Thrive products because they are Convenient, Healthy, Cost Efficient, Tasty, Long Lasting, High Quality and Versatile. This messaging really resonated with Wonderful Wife and I. It’s just the two of us and Wonderful Wife works late…a lot. Because we never know when she will be working late or home on time it is hard to plan for dinner. We end up wasting a lot of food that does not getting cooked. It also meant we would frequently default to fast food  since it was cheap and easy to grab whenever she came home and didn’t require planning ahead. I, on the other hand, work from home and the idea of quick, easy lunches that were tasty and nutritious was appealing. It seemed like it would be much easier than the pre-planning, cooking and freezing of meals for my lunch.

Many of the food products they offer have shelf-lives of 25 years. Even once opened most will last 6-12 months. So this looked like a good supplement for the canned goods we stock in our “emergency pantry.”

With all the additives and crazy stuff in most of the mainstream foods we buy and eat the idea of natural, preservative free, non-GMO, organic foods was also a factor in deciding to try this stuff out. I mean seriously, corn that produces it’s own herbicide to kill weeds doesn’t really sound like such a great idea to me, maybe I’m wrong. With that said, I have seen first hand the effects the hormones pumped into chickens and cows have had on pre-teen girls. No telling what they do to young boys!

Anyway, that’s why we decided to give this stuff a try. In the next post I will talk about how it tastes and how well it works in various recipes.

God bless.


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