Freeze Dried Pantry: Part 2 (Taste Tests)

Last week I posted about why I decided to try Thrive Life freeze dried foods; convenience, long shelf life, nutritious, and heal (non-GMO, no additives, organic). This week I wanted to give my thoughts on the taste.

Now, please keep in mind that taste is very subjective. Some folks eat frozen dinners and think they are wonderful (some might actually be) and some people can’t stand them. Wonderful Wife loves Vienna Sausages…I leave the house until she is finished with them. So, your mileage may vary.

The first batch of Thrive Life foods I ordered was one of their starter packs which included a mixture of several smaller (pantry) sized cans of various items such as chicken, black beans, bell peppers, onion and even some seasonings. It also included recipe cards to help get started in using these items. The first recipe I tried was their tortilla soup. Now I make a pretty darn good tortilla soup from my own recipe and this was most definitely not it. Don’t get me wrong, it was…good. But, it was not mine. It tasted a lot like the canned tortilla soup from Progresso except that the chicken didn’t look or taste like simulated chicken as it does from the can.

The second night I chose another of their recipes, the Crunchy BBQ Ranch Chicken Wraps. We altered this recipe a bit leaving out the crunchy and the BBQ and they were really quite good. Good enough that Wonderful Wife brags on how good they are pretty regularly. She also keeps asking why I haven’t made them again…

The next night I decided to try the ultimate test, making a recipe handed down from my grandmother but with Thrive Life ingredients. I have to say, it turned out pretty darn well. I enjoyed the dish but I also enjoyed the fact that I was able to prepare it in about one quarter the time it would have taken with standard ingredients.

My kids initially made fun of us for our “crazy freeze dried foods” but I have made dinner for several of them using these ingredients without telling them and they had no complaints and enjoyed the food. I enjoyed telling them afterwards that it was prepared with freeze dried ingredients. 🙂

Overall, these freeze dried options from Thrive Life meet and pass our family’s taste tests. With one exception so far…

We are not that fond of the ground beef. The tiny little round meatballs taste fine but the texture and appearance are a little off-putting.

The only other item to be aware of is that they do seem to “cook down” more quickly than other foods. Simmering carrots for several hours in a soup still leaves carrots that are recognizable. Simmer freeze dried foods for several hours and all that remains is the flavor. The flip side of this is that there is no reason to simmer for so long because everything is ready to go in minutes instead of hours.

With the question of taste out of the way, next week I will wrap it all up with an overview.

God bless


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