Kimber Announces New Versions Of The K6

This is not new news, it was announced last month but I misplaced the link and thought I had already posted it.

Kimber announced two variants of their six-shot revolver platform. Two are (mostly) cosmetic variations of the original K6 and one is a longer barreled version of the snubbie.

The CDP is a (mostly) cosmetic two tone version of the K6 with wood grips. It does feature three dot night sights as standard.

Photo from

The DC is also a (mostly) cosmetic variant featuring a solid black finish, matching G10 grip and night sights:

Also from

I have to say that is definitely my favorite of the two but then again, anyone who has seen my collection of snubbies with black finishes shouldn’t be surprised by that. Unfortunately, with an MSRP of $1,155 It won’t be joining my collection anytime soon.

Kimber also announced a new version of the K6 with the same finish as the standard K6 bit with wood grips and (drumroll please) a three inch barrel called the K6 Stainless 3″.

No, I am not very original this is also from

Despite my affinity for snubbies wearing black, this is the model I am most excited about. Sporting an MSRP of $899 I might actually be able to afford one. It also gives a bit of improvement in size and usability over a snubbie without going to a larger frame size. It seems to have many of the advantages of the SP101 (which I really like) but with an extra round in the cylinder, a little less weight and without the exposed hammer.

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3 thoughts on “Kimber Announces New Versions Of The K6

  1. I absolutely love wheel guns and these are no exception. At their typical Kimber cost it will delay that purchase for a while. My current limit is about half of that on a gun but I do agree these are in a class all their own.

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