Ruger, Why Do You Keep Doing This To Me?

Ruger seems to be really focused on separating me from money these days…

For several years I have wanted a reliable pistol caliber carbine that takes Glock magazines. I have come really close to pulling the trigger (so to speak) on various AR-based variants but nothing really hit all the right chords at a reasonable price. Ruger may have done have done exactly that with today’s announcement of the PC Carbine.

It comes with a cold hammer forged barrel and adapters to take either Glock or Ruger magazines. One model will feature a threaded barrel for those with suppressors or to add a flash hider/compensator. The charging handle and magazine release are reversible to accommodate left or right handed shooters. Uses the same trigger group as the 10/22 and, to top it all off this is a take down model, like some of the 10/22s.

The downside? This is one ugly rifle…

…of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You can see more about this little carbine on the Ruger web site (link).

According to a review on Gunblast (link) the retail price on the Ruger PC Carbine should be around $650 with a lower street price, possibly as low as $500. If that’s the case, I think it is pretty reasonable. Ruger may have found another way to get some money out of me that I really shouldn’t spend right now…

God bless.




4 thoughts on “Ruger, Why Do You Keep Doing This To Me?

  1. Ruger is flying these new guns out onto the market!! So many new Ruger choices these days. I would love to have one of these pistol carbines, but having bought two new pistols for Christmas, there is no way I can swing one of these carbines.

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