SIG P365

The first 9mm self-defense handgun I ever purchased was the SIG P250. While an awful lot folks didn’t like that gun, I love it. Smooth, buttery trigger like a revolver but with the capacity of a mid-sized semi-auto (15 rounds).

For a number of reasons I switched to Glocks over the years. The G19 replaced the P250 as my “nightstand gun.” I tried the G26 as a daily carry but It was always a but too heavy and bulky so when the G42 then the G43 came out they became my daily carry pieces. I really like shooting those little guys but the announcement of the P365 from SIG may have me rethinking that at some point.

Sig P365

This little SIG is very similar in size and weight (see the exact specs here) to the G43 but with the 10+1 capacity of the larger M&P Shield!


The capacity is 10+1 with the flush fit or extended magazines but they will also be offering a 12 round extended magazine for this little guy. The trigger, from what I am hearing, is just as awesome as the P320 trigger which is a very good trigger (no word on whether it comes with similar safety concerns). It does come standard with three dot night sights and two magazines and from what I am seeing and hearing it is at a pretty competitive price point with the G43.

Now, I am not one to jump platforms quickly or easily. Above and beyond the price of the firearm itself I have a decent investment in holsters and spare magazines for the Glock 43 platform and don’t really want to start all over again with that but I might have to give this little guy a serious look.

God bless!


12 thoughts on “SIG P365

  1. Looks like a winner! However, like you I have a pretty good investment in 4 current carry guns already: 9mm Shield and a 45 acp Shield, a 9mm Springfield Mod 2 subcompact and a .45 acp Springfield Mod 2 subcompact. I am set for carry guns pretty much forever. ha.

    …….Those Sigs are nice guns though……


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  2. Have always been interested in the Sigs, only issue I’ve seen is that they are manufactured to such tight tolerances (not a bad thing) that you need to keep them really clean, they tend to get a bit finicky after a couple hundred rounds. Not the gospel, just what I’ve observed. That being said, wow, that looks like a really sweet 9!

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    1. I think it may depend on the model from SIG. The P320 had to pass some serious tests that included running for a long time without cleaning as part of the military trials. While the on P238 I have messed with seemed like it might be pretty sensitive to being cleaned. On the other hand, the little .22 semi-auto I have doesn’t work regardless of how clean or dirty it is!
      God bless.


  3. Glad to see more option with better capacity on the market. I may take a look as well but I am in love with my Walther PPS. I tried it against the Glock 43 but it just felt better to me. It is a bit bigger and shoots like a big gun to me. Just a nice size package and comfortable to carry. Just low on the round count.

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  4. I would like too own that little gun above!! My late daddy was an NRA Instructor and Teacher!! So, I was raised on guns and safety all my life!!

    May our ONE TRUE GOD THE FATHER who art in Heaven Above Bless all my Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and my Messianic Jewish Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and Your Families and Friends!!

    I Love you all Everyone through Jesus-Yeshua Christ, because HE LOVED 💜💕 EVERYONE FIRST!!

    Love 💕 Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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