Our Moral Compass Is Broken

We live in a nation where we are continually “shocked” by the brutality and violence that that the media floods (selectively) into our homes and hearts. How can we be surprised or shocked by any of it? We live in a nation where the moral compass is not just broken, it has been smashed and tossed overboard.

Morality, we are told these days, is subjective as are the ideas of what is right and wrong. Everything is fluid from morality to gender to race and nothing is concrete. We are forced to toe the line that all moral and social choices have value. We have spent the last several generations teaching these concepts to our children and then we are shocked when they go on a killing sprees or torture one another and stream it live online.

Humans are not inherently good, peace-loving creatures. God gave us rules for behavior for a reason. If you don’t believe in God that’s fine then understand that moral and social standards evolved for a reason. Without these rules humans (or at least some percentage of them) would be greedy, cruel, violent and capable of all manner of depravity. We have spent the last few decades destroying those rules and the institutions responsible for teaching those rules to the next generation. We have destroyed our moral compass.

Children today are not only taught that there is no right or wrong but that there are no consequences their actions. If a young man attacks someone or breaks into their home and is killed he is martyred in the media. The fault was not his it was the fault of the one defending themselves or it was the government’s fault for not having the right programs or it is the fault of racial tensions or whatever else can be found to pass the responsibility onto.  Anyone or anything can be blamed as long as it is not the person committing the act.

The lack of a moral compass and the moral decay we are facing does not make us a better, more evolved society. It just makes us weak. It invites judgement and destruction from God. Or, if you don’t believe in God, it invites collapse and makes us vulnerable to conquest by cultures with more discipline and strength. This is nothing new. What we are seeing today has happened in civilizations throughout time.

Biblically, Israel lost their moral compass. They worshiped other gods, they sacrificed their children, they adopted the immorality of those driven from the promised land. God judged them and their land was taken from them. That judgement was delivered through the  Babylonians who conquered them; destroying and pillaging their cities and taking much of the population as slaves. Historically, we see this played out time and again outside of the Bible as well; a civilization loses its moral compass, grows weak and is consumed by the “barbarians” at the gates. Rome, China, Egypt, Babylon…the list goes on and on.

Can this be reversed?

Of course, through God all things are possible. I believe this wholeheartedly. The problem here is that it requires Americans to repent, to turn away, from this current course. It requires us to make the choice to change and, unfortunately, I don’t see that happening. Too many people are blind to what is happening or just don’t care…

What a positive note to start a Monday!

Take care and God bless.

6 thoughts on “Our Moral Compass Is Broken

  1. On target as usual.
    Kinda depressing but probably why I keep muttering
    ” Will someone please stop the world, I want to get off !”

    Liked by 1 person

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