TFB Reviews The Ruger PC Carbine

The Firearms Blog just posted a review of Ruger’s new PC Carbine (link) and they seemed pretty pleased with it.

I would really like to get my hands on one (at least to test it out). A reliable 9mm carbine that takes Glock magazines is something I have been wanting for a long time. The fact that it is a take down carbine is a real bonus. In and around this part of Texas these little guys fly out the door as fast as they come in. I did have a chance to see one in a gun store in North Louisiana a few weeks ago where they apparently can’t give them away.

Take care and God bless!

4 thoughts on “TFB Reviews The Ruger PC Carbine

  1. I like the thought of a 9mm takedown carbine. Let us know your thoughts after shooting one.

    Where is north Louisiana are they having trouble giving them away?


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