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Even though Justin over at has decided to carry a bottom feeder instead of a revolver he still runs a pretty great web site and I still frequent it regularly.

I came across this post the other day and I wanted to share it:

Panic Now: Building An Ammo Inventory

In it he shares a number of thoughts on why it is a good idea to stock up on ammo while demand is (relatively) low and availability is high including:

-Avoid cost fluctuations

-Avoid future shortages

-Avoid cost jumps due to increased taxes

-Avoid future bans or regulatory rules

-Being prepared for civil unrest

I couldn’t agree more, especially since I kinda added that last one in reading between the lines.

He also addresses the question of how to go about building your inventory and much ammo to keep on hand.

I use both approaches that he suggests; buying a little extra every time you get ammo for a range trip and buying in bulk. Most of what I have on hand was from buying a little at a time. We have a large retailer in the area that sells most common caliber pretty cheap and I take advantage of that. I have also bought in bulk when I wanted to reach a goal quickly and had the dollars to spare. I also watch for sales and buy calibers I use regularly when it is a good price.

My original inventory goals match up with his recommendations of one years supply on hand. Once I met those goals I reevaluated. In some cases I needed to stock more of one or another caliber because I started shooting it more and in some cases, for specific calibers, I just wanted some extra on hand above the one year goal.

I also learned to reload and have a supply of the components I would need if I have to go that route.

My grand mother lived through The Great Depression and she always lived by the rule of stocking up when times are good and being frugal when they are not. I try and live by that was well.

Take care and God bless

3 thoughts on “Buy Ammo Now

  1. I’ve got probably 4500 rounds of 9mm target ammo, 1000 rounds of 38 special, 250 rounds of .357, and maybe 600 or so of .45 acp. I really need to get some more .357 and .45acp. I’ll have to start doing exactly that.

    I also need more personal protection rounds in all calibers.

    It seems that all it takes is $$$. Sometimes, I find that lacking.



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    1. Slow and steady, have a plan and stick with it.
      I have a spreadsheet with the ammo I have on hand and the goals I have set for each caliber. Based on that, I make myself a prioritized list of what to buy. If I find a good sale on what I need and I have the money I jump on it. If not I just pick up a little extra whenever I buy ammo.
      Good luck and God bless.
      I am still a little short on my goals for .308 on hand now that it is my primary hunting round. It will take some time but I will get there. Once I can test my reloads that will help out a lot.

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