How To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Shot

I came across a post on a site I am unfamiliar with “Anti Media” one ways to avoid becoming a “gun violence” statistic and it actually made some good points (link).

For example, the number one recommendation was to not commit suicide. While this is someone trite it is still true. Most gun related deaths in the US, about 63%, are from suicide. Now, will banning firearms prevent suicide?


I had a relative in the house for a while who was at risk for suicide. I was particularly careful with my firearms during that time frame. During one conversation with her I tried to get her to turn over a knife she had in her purse. She looked at me for a minute and then explained all the different things within the house that she could use to kill herself; kitchen knives, medications, household chemicals, the pool, ropes, cable, chains, taking a dive off the roof, the motorcycle in the garage, etc. She told me those were just the ones she could think of and there were probably more…

Other top suggestions included:

  • Don’t join a gang
  • Don’t deal in illegal drugs
  • Avoid dangerous people like criminals and abusive people

One of my personal favorites was to avoid gun free zones since nearly all mass shootings have occurred in gun free zones…

Just something to think about.

Take care and God bless.


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