Have you become complacent?

Prepper 365

Maybe you’re ready and prepared for anything at anytime; trained, stocked up, secured and your to do list is empty – excellent! If that’s the case then feel free to move on, nothing to see here. But, if you’re like most people, you find yourself lacking in some ways simply because you’ve become complacent.

Complacency really is our biggest threat; as individuals and as a society. This can be related to security, preparedness, self-reliance, saving for retirement, religion or even politics. Sitting back or ‘going with the flow’ can ultimately lead to disaster.

Let’s take security for instance; have you ever left your car unlocked, left a loaded hand gun in the truck or forgot to lock the back door? Have you neglected to take your firearm with you because ‘I’ll only be gone a couple of minutes?’ Have you analyzed your home’s vulnerability to break-ins, or maybe still haven’t…

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