Violence In The US: Short Term EDC Changes

Last week after the news of the mail “bombs” being sent to leftist leaders in this country I posted that I would be changing my daily carry and the Ruger LCR would go into the safe for a while and that I would be reviewing my EDC gear as a whole (link):

With the elections underway I was already focusing on being more alert for potential threats. For the foreseeable future my little Ruger LCR will be relegated to the safe. Replaced by something with a little more capacity and quicker reloads. I also plan to review my EDC gear and see if anything in there needs to be beefed up.

The attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh further strengthened my push to reevaluate my EDC.

Well, the little Ruger is still in my pocket and not in the safe.

I was planning to switch to my Glock 43 as my primary carry gun but for now I am staying with the LCR. Although reloads are definitely faster than with the LCR, the G43 only gives me two extra rounds on tap (6+1 vs. 5). Are those two extra rounds (and faster reloads) worth giving up the slightly better reliability of the revolver? Not at the moment.

I might do so later but for the  moment I have decided to stick with what I have carried for the last year or two. I am familiar with it. I am well practiced with it and all the gear that goes along with it. That may change in the future but for now I will stick with what I know.

RATS Tourniquet

Based onsome additional research I have been doing especially some articles by Greg Ellifritz (this being a good overview: Post Election Riots?) I have changed up some of the other gear I carry. I have had a tourniquet sitting on my desk for a year waiting on the time to take some training before carrying it. It is now in my pack and online training will have to do for the moment. Pepper spray? Yup added on the outside of my bag. Knife? Moved from inside the back to a spot where it is more easily reached and deployed (this is in addition to the one I usually carry in my pocket or on my belt.

Pepper Spray

I will be adding an additional bandana and a bottle of water to my pack as well. Which means I may have to start carrying a small backpack instead of the sling bag I carry now.

I will continue to reevaluate my carry gear until thigs start to subside…if they ever do.

Keep alert, be prepared and take care.

God bless.

10 thoughts on “Violence In The US: Short Term EDC Changes

  1. I recently added pepper spray to both cars and my EDC. Upgraded from a smaller backpack to a Glock backpack that has a built in holster. Went from carrying the 43 to the 19 with 3 extra mags (cooler weather has made that easier.) Also picked up a Ruger Security 9 as an extra stash gun. It’s getting scary out there.

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      1. Its jacket weather here, so I’m carrying in IWB at 5 o’clock with a belt clip mag holder at 5 on the left side. New Ruger went to the backpack with 2 extra mags and 2 extra glock mags

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      2. Does your Glock backpack have a logo? If so, are you worried someone may target it or try and snatch it?
        I carried off body for a very short while. Since then everyone I know who sees me with my pack assumes the gun is in there. I think a lot of people who don’t know me assume the same. It almost never is and when it is it’s a backup.


      3. It has a logo, but only on the back, looks like a standard, but military looking, back pack. I work at a gun range these day was, so everyone expects you to have at least one gun, when not at work I lock it in the trunk or carry it back in the house with me.

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  2. If I may Sir. Carry that tourniquet.
    Even if you don’t know how to use it, someone there might, and having something about you is better than it sat pretty on your desk.
    I carry one yet I’ve had no training aside from Youtube and practicing on myself.
    That and a mini trauma kit to plug holes from blades.
    Our latest in clear, present, and growing threats.

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    1. Thank you sir.

      Yes, it’s in the bag now. I have watched a few videos and tried it on myself. I’m no expert but I think I would be able to muddle through if there was a need. I was already carrying other stuff to plug holes including gauze and QuickClot but wanted this extra level on hand moving forward.

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