The Police Have No Duty To Protect You

A judge in Florida, ruling on a case brought by Parkland school students, reaffirmed several previous legal precedents in ruling that the police had no responsibility to protect students. Again, this is nothing new. It falls in line with previous rulings by various courts including the Supreme Court of the United States.

In each case they have found that it is not the officer’s duty to protect any individual.

Most police officers do see this as their own personal duty and would do whatever they can (within the departmental restrictions) to “civilians.”

So, what does that mean or matter?

What this boils down to is simple; you are responsible for your own safety and protection. The state, the police, the school administrators, your boss…none of them are responsible for your safety. You are. If this is true in relatively good times what will happen during an economic collapse, a pandemic, a natural disaster or “civil unrest?”

Be trained, be equipped and be prepared to defend yourself and those you love…

Take care and God bless.


9 thoughts on “The Police Have No Duty To Protect You

  1. At one point this year the UK police were talking about NOT arresting people who were violent and just let them run off..

    UK female LEO regularly get beaten up and apart from a puny extendable baton, an OC spray, and rarely a taser, all their open hand defense training won’t stop someone who doesn’t give a toss about thumping a female.

    Worst bit about it? The male onlookers who just stand there recording it all on their smart phones.

    As for the old saying that we are only nine meals to anarchy?
    The UK is eight meals down and only one to go IMHO.

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    1. Wow. Are people just that uncaring or are they afraid to get involved?

      I will be honest, if I see to private citizens going at it even if one is taking a beating I will call 911 and try to be a good witness. There are too many cases of the “good Samaritan” either getting carted off to jail or sued into poverty by one party or the other. If it is a uniformed policeman getting “thumped” I will take the risk and do what I can. So far as I know, no one has taken a fall for helping a cop in need.

      Other than that I would limit my active involvement to me and mine. I hate to be that way but can’t afford to put Wonderful Wife and everything we have worked so hard for at risk…
      Take care and God bless.

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      1. I agree with the “take care of me and mine” idea. I am not carrying my EDC to save entire towns, areas, streets, or neighborhoods. I only want to protect myself, my wife, my kids and grandkids.


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      2. Most of my concerns are around liability but also in today’s crazy world the good guys are not always clear. During our CHL class the instructors had a ton of real world examples where someone intervened and thought they were doing the right thing but ended up doing the opposite. Everything from a husband and wife engaging in “rough” sexual foreplay to mistaking an undercover cop holding a suspect at gunpoint for a bad guy.

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      3. In an ambulance chasing world of shyster lawyers, and a legal system that forces you to prove you are innocent or ruin your life by plea bargaining. Where money will always win over what is right and true. It’s too easy to despair.

        Yet some of us have faith. In who or what varies within your person.

        Ultimately it might not save you from the horrors of judgement against you after doing what is right, but your faith will carry you forward and through whatever life throws at you. That is something I absolutely believe in.

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