The Glock G43X

Glock G43x

It is apparently official (since I received an email on it this morning), Glock has released two new models including the much rumored G43X. The majority of the speculation on this handgun was that it would be a competitor to SIG’s P365.

Based on the specifications, that just really isn’t the case.

Like the P365, it has a opacity of 10+1 but it is larger than both the G43 and the P365 in every way. It is a quarter inch longer than the G43 and nearly an inch longer than the P365. It is also three quarters of an inch taller and will be significantly heavier when loaded with a full magazine.

Size-wise, this is more of a competitor to the Smith & Wesson Shield or Springfield XDs (although it is larger than the shield).

I will be interested to learn more about this pistol as details are released such as whether the magazines are compatible with the standard G43 (or anything else in Glock’s lineup).

Glock G48

Glock also announced the G48 which appears to be a Glock 19(ish) sized single stack pistol. The capacity on this pistol is also 10+1 so it may use the same magazines as the G43x. While the idea of a Glock with a thinner grip appeals to me (short, stubby fingers and all) I don’t know that I would be willing to trade off the extra capacity for a little thinner grip. Especially when the SIG P320 offers smaller grip frames that fit me very nicely without giving up any capacity…

Take care and God bless.


2 thoughts on “The Glock G43X

    1. I had a chance to handle both at a local gun shop the other day and I must say, I really like the way they feel in the hand. I don’t know if I will buy one but I sure would like to shoot one or both.
      Take care and God bless.


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