What Did You Prep this Month?

Walk With God

I completed two more rounds of praying for my 100 closest neighbors and continued teaching Sunday School and attending church. I haven’t been reading my Bible as much as I should. I’ll have to work on that.

Just to be clear, I am not saying that anything I have done is getting me into heaven. I am just a sinner like everyone else on this planet. I am broken and flawed. Which is why I needed and accepted the gift of salvation and the sacrifice Jesus made for me on the cross…

Self Defense/Hunting

We bough quite a bit of ammo, partially because I used so much testing several new firearms. This month we bought 300 rounds of 9mm practice ammo, 200 rounds of .22LR, 1,000 rounds of 7.62×39 and 40 rounds of 300 Blackout. The 7.62 Commie is “range safe” ammo. It is still fairly cheap and made in Russia but the bullets do not have steel cores and so they can be used at indoor ranges.


We also bought a lot of stuff this month such as additional water purification tablets to keep in our emergency stores. We also purchased another “WaterBOB.” These allow you to store up to 100 gallons of water in the bathtub. They are sealed so you don’t have to worry about contamination from soaps or oils. They are a great way to supplement your water storage in case of a disaster…as long as you have enough warning to set them up and fill them ahead of time.

I purchased an additional headlamp. I used to have several but they have either died or been misplaced. I like to have one for around the house, one in my hunting bag and one in our emergency bin. They would be a good addition to our Bug Out/ Get Home bags as well. I will test this one out and see how I like it. If it works well I will buy more.

I bought one of the Mountain House Breakfast meals to try out. If we like it we will add a few to our emergency stores.

We rotated and restocked the emergency pantry.

The sausage we had made out of the hogs we killed on our recent hunting trip filled all our available freezer space. We will be buying a replacement freezer for the one we lost in the flood soon. The one we are using right now is not very reliable and I have to check it almost daily just to make sure we don’t lose any meat.

We keep a supply of frequently needed over the counter medications and extra vitamins in a bin along with a stock of first aid supplies. We purchased some additional of all and replaced those in the bins. The ones we took from the bins will be used.


We updated one of the security lights on the outside of the house to one that is motion activated. We also installed a motion sensor light to overlook the part of the driveway where we park our cars and another on the front porch.


As I have mentioned before, I give each one of my kids and grand kids a one ounce silver round/coin for their birthdays. I went ahead and ordered these for the coming year. We have two birthdays coming up in February so these should arrive in the nick of time.

We also cashed in some credit card points that we earned over Christmas and used that to purchase some silver rounds for ourselves as well. Then we took some cash dividends from some stock that we have and purchased a couple of quarter ounce gold Maple Leaf coins and put the remainder in savings. With that deposit we are nearly half way to reaching the goal we set for savings this year.


I am really proud of the progress we have made in this area. I have lost over 20 pounds and I am much better shape that I have been in a long time. My blood pressure is going down and I will, hopefully, be dropping the dosage shortly. The doctor says if it keeps going this way I may even be able to stop taking them completely. I have completely cut out sodas and caffeine and haven’t had either in almost two months.

Wonderful Wife’s progress has not been quite as good but she is definitely on the right track and making progress as well.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

Take care and God Bless

6 thoughts on “What Did You Prep this Month?

  1. Glad your health is improving,
    As for BP, I’m still chewing lots of garlic and that is working a treat on both my BP and Cholesterol. Much to the annoyance of my doctor and his chemical rubbish.

    BUT the latest news is bad regarding Brexit and the possibility of civil disturbance is increasing. So everything is being driven by that and the 9 meals from anarchy scenario if the supply chain stalls.

    Thus we’ve been increasing our dry goods and emergency medical supplies.
    One final buy before ‘B’ date is planned.

    At last our security plans are complete and everything, including PIR lights, is battery backed.

    Self defense.
    So far we are OK out to 50 m but if things turn bad, the chosen arms will take us out to 75 m. Which is perfectly adequate for our needs.

    Why not list our weaponry?
    This is England, the 3rd most weapon repressed country in the world.
    As such it pays to be ‘vague’.

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    1. We use a lot of garlic in our food but don’t do anything with it other than that. How much are you chewing per day to get that result? And in what form? Wonderful Wife needs help with both BP AND cholesterol or she will need to go on meds (one of the reasons we are focusing on weight and exercise).
      I haven’t done much more than scan the headlines of late for local threats (doing three people’s jobs at work right now). I didn’t realize the level of threat Brexit was likely to cause. We will keep you both in our prayers.
      In a nation where kitchen knives seem to be “controlled item” I understand completely.
      Take care and God bless.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Sir, all help gratefully received.
        Garlic. 1.5 cloves, mascerated mixed in food, never without (unless you like reflux). BP today 132/80. Last Cholesterol 5, down from 11.

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