2019 Preparedness Assessment (Part 7: Social Disruption)

For several years I have been talking about the potential of civil unrest or even another civil war. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we are still headed down that path. Being aware of the probability of such occurrences and being ready for them remains a top goal for us.

The problem is how do you prepare for something like that?

Oh sure, I have ammunition, guns and practice with them regularly. In fact my wife is “properly equipped” as well but how far will that go against a mob? How far will that go against a coordinated campaign by a group like Antifa against those of us who hold conservative values?

Well, arms are a part of it but here is our strategy for a major social disruption:


I don’t think most folks take this seriously. Most people are so wrapped up in their own little worlds that when the bottom drops out they will be taken completely by surprise. One of the biggest keys to personal protection is being aware of your surroundings. Vigilance is that same sort of awareness on a macro level. Instead of keeping your head up and your eyes on a swivel this means scanning the headlines and being aware of what’s going on in the community at large and the country. It also means accepting the possibility (probability) that something like this could happen.


During the last major American Civil War (what I grew up hearing referred to as the War of Northern Aggression) my family survived because they had a secret stash of food. Each time the northern troops came by to take supplies from the farm the commanding officer stood there by the fire while his troops took anything and everything edible that was in the barn, cellars and smokehouse. What he didn’t know was that under the very stone he was standing on was a second, hidden cellar. Originally built as a hideout in case of attack by “Native Americans” it held enough food that, along with some foraging, to keep the family alive during those years. We don’t have a secret hidden cellar but we do have food set aside to help keep us going through tough times.


Money may not make the world go round but as we have seen time and time again it can help get people and their family out of harms way when the smoke turns to flames. How many families were able to escape Hitler’s Europe or the Russian revolution because they had cash and valuables on hand to enable them to flee? Not enough. Most either didn’t see it coming (see the previous section) or didn’t have the means to drop everything and run. I don’t want my family to be in this position.


While a couple of ARs and a handgun or two won’t hold off a mob they might be useful against smaller, more targeted attacks. Making sure that other adult members of the family are similarly equipped may help even against larger groups. At least once a year most of the men in the family get together and “go on patrol” stalking pigs and deer through the forest. While such “training” is nothing to compare with the training our military receives it is probably leaps and bounds ahead of what groups like Antifa are doing (hopefully).


One of the best ways to survive when the cities burn is to be far removed from the flames. We don’t have a place of our own yet but we are working on getting one. Initially it will be for hunting and getaways but eventually we plan to move out there to retire.

Well that’s our plan. What do you think? What are we missing? Where are we going wrong.

Take care and God bless.

6 thoughts on “2019 Preparedness Assessment (Part 7: Social Disruption)

      1. As you said distance is a big key. One thing we have done that is probably not applicable to your current situation is restricting the approach to our home and creating pinch points that would force the bad guys into the line of fire. Our driveway is 220 yds long, aside from the areas we have cleared for gardening, the rest is heavy, rugged woods and difficult to navigate even when you know it and nearly impossible if you don’t. We have used large rocks, landscaping, flower beds, blackberries, etc to force anyone not on foot to stick to the driveway.

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  1. Sir, you are missing something vital, WATER.
    You also haven’t mentioned power and what a loss of electricity would do to your plans.
    After all neary everything is pumped today so how would you get around that?

    Most disorder affects daily life and, even with stores, there will be a need for a resupply.
    To that end have you worked out EXACTLY what and where is locally available ?
    Like stores, medical / medicines, fuel, and whatever else you need?

    Without knowing NOW what there is and how to get there, in, out, and back safely lugging a load, you are just making life difficult for yourself when it matters.

    While foraging, how were you going to protect your home while you are BOTH away from it.
    Why both? Send a lone man or woman out and they become a target.
    Leave a lone woman at home and some will attack thinking ‘weak and feeble’ womanfolk on their own.

    Besides, who is going to be watching over you as you forage for what you need?
    Radio and long gun in hand, in overwatch, and running your ‘mission?

    You mention weapons so now think tactically.
    How would someone undesirable come calling,
    What’s your low tech, no electricity, plan to defeat that?
    If it gets too bad, whats your escape plan based on being unable to carry anything with you.
    To that end have you cached weapons, supplies, equipment and water off site?

    As for weapons?
    What decision have you made about the Gov sending people out to disarm you?
    Are all your weapons reigistered? If they are the Gmen will know what you’ve got.
    What you can’t produce they will search for.
    What if they find your stores?
    What if there is a Gov. edict to gather excess “for the common good.”
    Again, have you cached?

    But it isn’t all about your weapons my friend.
    The primary weapon of riot and civil disorder is fire.
    What provision have you made to fight that?
    If your plan is to use water, how are you going to pump it onto something burning without breaking cover?
    Do you have enough stored water to waste on fire without depriving yourself?
    That or a massive pile of fiire extinguishers.

    There is more on my mind but that’s enough for now.
    Keep safe, remember the five P’s (proper planning prevents poor performance)
    And NEVER lose sight of the survival rules of three as your basic guide.
    God Bless.


    1. Good points all and this is the best kind of feedback since it challenges my assumptions and helps me to be more critical in my thinking.

      I have considered water and power but covered the plans around those in the section on hurricanes/weather. I did NOT think through them in terms of firefighting. The couple of fire extinguishers we have would help but we might need to add more.

      Our stores are diversified to a degree and we have some food/cash/commodities cached offsite but this is something I will need to think through a bit more.

      I don’t think we will be going it alone. We have a large family and in all likelihood we will be dealing with anything really serious as a group. I have three kids (and their families) within the general vicinity and one about two hours away (in Texas that’s still pretty close). When we buy property we plan to buy up that way. We also have one and possibly two family friends who can be counted on and are squared away.

      I can’t comment on any guns since I sold most of them and lost the rest in a boating accident (old joke). We all have at least one self defense rifle and one handgun in common calibers although they don’t all share a common magazine (rifles do).

      As I think I mentioned, preparing for a hurricane is pretty simple and straightforward compared to preparing for something like this. Our long term plan is to be able to put some distance between ourselves and the areas that are likely to be “aligned against us” or “contended territory.” To me, distance is my best friend in such situations. Especially when that distance puts us in an environment of like minded folks.

      Take care and God bless.

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